MINE (16+)

“The day you came into my life, is the day you became MINE.”

(WARNING: This Movella will contain drugs, prostitution, and heavy language..)


4. Catch Me If You Can

             I stayed up all night last night, working the late shift, and only managed to get 60 dollars. I'm still pissed at Jake, but he hasn't been around to talk about what an ass he was. But honesty, I couldn't think about that now. I leaned against the corner and waited for what seemed like hours before check my watch. 10:32. Shit, if I don't make 340 bucks soon, I'm dead. Literally.

            "P-Paige?" I heard someone stutter. I turned my head to see Jake standing there. "Fuck off Jake." I said turning my attention back to the road. "Paige no, look I know I made a dick move last night, but you have to forgive me." He pleaded. "Why should I Jake? Maybe you don't deserve my forgiveness." I said crossing my arms. "Bullshit Paige! You know we've been through hell and back together. Let's face it, we need each other." He said. I thought for a minute before responding. "God dammit I hate when you're right."

            We walked back to my 'place', I guess that's what I could call my fire escape. "How much?" He sighed, climbing onto the latter. "How much what?" I asked. "Money. For the drugs." He said. "Oh, well I owed him 400 but I made 60 so I still owe them 340." I said. "Look, I've only got 80, but hopefully it'll help."He said reaching into his pocket and pulling out money. "No, I'm not taking your money." I said. "Take it Paige, you need it." He said shoving the money in my hand. "Thank you." I said, barely audible. 

            "Shit, it's 11:48, I  have to get back to work now." Jake said getting up and jumping off the fire escape. I jumped off aswell, shaking slightly. "I only have 12 minutes Jake." I said. "You'll be ok. I promise." He said kissing my hair. "But what I can't believe is that Paige Collins is actually scared." He said, trying to make a joke. "Shut the hell up Jake, do you realize that they could kill me because of this?!" I shouted. "S-sorry, I was just trying to make you laugh." He said. "Whatever, are you still coming back over tonight?" I asked as he started to walk away. He gave a thumbs up before disappearing into the dark ally.

              I walked back to my corner, and stayed there knowing it was well past noon and Mason could come and get me at any time. "Paige?!" I heard Leah say. "What?" I asked. "A-are you ok?" She asked worried. "Yeah, why?" I asked, looking at her confused. "Everyone on the street is talking about you, and what happened at the drug house." He said. "What the fuck? How do they even know about that?" I asked. "I don't know, but Mason and some new guy are coming this way to find y-" She said getting cut off. "THERE SHE IS!" I heard Mason shout.

            Before I knew it, I was running at a fast sprint, running faster than I ever could before. I looked back, seeing the two men getting slightly farther and farther away. "Catch me if you can assholes." I smirked. I turned the corner and run down that street, now seeing we were getting into the more expensive part of town. My sprint slowly became a jog and my legs felt like jello as I turned into an ally, falling to the ground, only to see that I was at someones feet.


(A/N: Hey guys!! I'm actually getting pretty excited about this Movella, hopefully you guys are too!! So keep reading <3 Kenzie xx)

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