MINE (16+)

“The day you came into my life, is the day you became MINE.”

(WARNING: This Movella will contain drugs, prostitution, and heavy language..)


3. Back To Work

            "Well, I gotta get back to work." Jake said, getting to his feet. "Me too." I sighed, throwing my trash to the side. "How much do you charge?" He asked. "What? Are you trying to buy me?" I scoffed. "Hell no, I'm gay." He rolled his eyes. "I knew that dumbass." I said. "Well, I gotta go, wouldn't want the boss to get pissed. See you tonight?" He asked. "You know it." I said, walking down the dark ally.

               I leaned against the corner of the sidewalk with my other friend Leah. "Have you gotten anyone today?" She asked. "Yeah, three." I said counting my money. "What the hell, do I look like shit or something? Well, I mean I know I do, but do I look worse today? I haven't gotten anyone!!" She said. "You look fine." I shrugged, stuffing the money into my pocket. "How much did you make?" She asked. "400 dollars." I smirked. "What the fuck? How?" she asked. "I talked some douchebags into paying more cause I convinced them that I was a virgin and they thought I was more valuable." I laughed. "Damn you." She said shaking her head. "Hey, that's not very nice Leah." I smirked. "Well guess what, I don't give a shit." She said walking up to a new customer.

             The rest of the day went by pretty fast, I collected another 200 dollars before turning in for the day. I met up with Jake at the local bar and got a few drinks with him. "How much did you make today?" He asked. "600." I replied. "Ha, bitch. I finally made more than you!" He smirked. "Bullshit! How in the hell did you make more than 600 bucks?" I asked, not believing him at all. "I'm just that good." He said slamming 800 dollars on the bar. "Damn." I laughed, shaking my head. He turned to me and smirked. "Thinking what I'm thinking?" "Exactly." I smirked, getting up and throwing the bartender money for our drinks. 

             "Don't you owe these guys like 1,000 bucks?" Jake asked as we walked into the drug house. "Yeah, but they always give me extra time to pay." I said jogging up the steps. "Alright." Jake said unsure. I swung the door open and walked in. "There she is boss." Mason growled. "Here I am." I smirked. "Do you think this is a joke?" I heard William say as Mason shoved me against the wall. "What the hell? Get your hands off me you bastard!" I shouted, struggling under his grip, watching Jake run out. "Shit." I muttered.

              "Look darling, I want my money, and I want it all tomorrow." William said getting out of his chair. "You said I had another week!" I said. "I'm tired of your bullshit excuses, I know you make plenty of money, whoring around with horny bastards all day." He said. "Fuck you." I spat. "I want my money tomorrow or I'll make your life a living hell." He growled, getting in my face. "I vacation there asshole. You don't scare me." I smirked. Next thing I know Mason slaps me across the face. "Don't you dare hit me again!!" I screamed. "Mason, take the money out of her pocket and whatever is in there is now mine." William said. And just like William told he, he took all of my money out and William sat there counting it. "You owe me 400 dollars by tomorrow at noon." He said before Mason threw me out of the building.

              I screamed in frustration and kicked a trashcan, mentally going over what just happened. I mostly couldn't believe Jake ran out on me like that. I ran my fingers through my wavy brow hair and looked at my clock. 12:06 am. "Late shift it is." I sighed, walking towards the street.

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