Upside Down: A Liam Payne fanfiction

Meet Natalie! Her high school year she went to The Academy of Raising Princesses. Natalie's mother knew the king of England who has a son her age. Her mother wants her to be a princess, but what happens when she falls in love with Liam Payne? Her whole world gets turned Upside Down.


12. Chapter 7- Hanging Out

Natalie's P.O.V.

I stretched and woke myself up only to remember what happened yesterday. I can't believe Tristan thinks I actually like him. I go to my bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. I have makeup all over my face. Ugh. I jump in the shower and start to sing Heartbreak Girl by 5SOS. The hot water against my skin feels so good. An hour later I get out of the shower. I go downstairs and cook pancakes for breakfast. My mom left a note on the counter. It reads:

I went out for a while. I won't be back until late tonight. I took your sisters with me.

I will be home alone. The smell of the chocolate chip pancakes flash me back to reality. I take them off of the griddle and devour them. RING I got a text.

*texting Liam*

L:Hey do you want to hang out today?

N:Sure I would love to. What do you want to do today?

L: IDK meet me at Starbucks

I got off the phone with Liam and get dressed.

*At Starbucks*

I walk in and I don't see Liam. The Starbucks is pretty small, but I like it. As you walk in you smell the smell of all the different coffees and it smells amazing. I walk up to the lady at the desk. "How may I help you?" she asks.

"I want the caramel frapp and a piece of banana walnut bread." She makes my drink and gets my bread. I go and find a table for 2 as Liam walks in. "Hey you," I say casually.

"Hey. It's so nice to see you again. You look pretty today."

"Thanks. So has Harry and Taylor talked since the other day?"

"Oh yeah. Harry constantly texts or calls her and she is over like all the time." I giggle. Taylor has never had any interest in One Direction. She has lost her mind. I don't think I like Harry in that way as much.

"That's so funny!" We sit there and just talk. I can be myself around Liam and I like that. We talk for hours until I realize the time. "Oh look at the time. I have to go, but it was nice seeing you again Liam." We walk out to our cars and drive our separate ways.

*Author's Note*

Hey guys. So sorry for the short chapter. I didn't mean for it to be short, but I didn't want to write forever. It takes to much time to type long chapters, but I'm trying to make my chapters longer. I hope you liked it. Bye cupcakes!


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