Upside Down: A Liam Payne fanfiction

Meet Natalie! Her high school year she went to The Academy of Raising Princesses. Natalie's mother knew the king of England who has a son her age. Her mother wants her to be a princess, but what happens when she falls in love with Liam Payne? Her whole world gets turned Upside Down.


9. Chapter 5- Backstage

Natalie's P.O.V.

I walk in and see One Direction and 5SOS standing there. They are all so so perfect. I wish I could see their faces everyday when I wake up. They all walk over to greet Taylor, Lizzie, and I. "Hi I'm Liam what's your names?" Liam Payne asked. The Liam Payne from One Direction just talked to me. Stay cool Natalie.

"Hi I'm Natalie and that's Taylor and Lizzie," I say gesturing toward Taylor and Lizzie.

"Well hello there love. You have pretty blonde hair," Harry says winking at Taylor.

"I'm Zayn," he says shaking our hands.

"I'm Louis Tomlinson," Louis says very sassy almost,

"I'm Niall," Niall says winking at us. 5 Seconds of Summer walks over to us. This can't be happening. This is literally the best day of my life.

"Hi I'm Luke I noticed you in the crowd you are very pretty," Luke says kissing my hand. This absolutely can't be happening. Harry obviously doesn't even notice me.

"Well I'm Cameron. This is Michael and Ashton," Cameron introduces us to the rest of the boys.

"You guys are the last girls backstage. So, do you want to go do something," Liam asks.

"Ya that would be so much fun," Lizzie says.

"We should go to McDonald's because I'm starving," Niall says cheeky.

"I'm good with that. It would be fun," I say enthusiastically.

"Okay let's go!" We all head to McDonald's.

*Skip Car Ride*

Niall orders a bunch of food and eats all of it. It's insane. "So where are you girls from," Harry asks.

"I'm from California," I say proud of where I'm from.

"We are both from here in London," Taylor says. Taylor might actually like Harry. I can't stand this after all these years she has known I have loved Harry.

"Oh look at the time. I would hate to say good bye but we have to go," Zayn says.

"How about we all exchange numbers," Louis suggests. We all exchange numbers and head out the door.

"Bye," Everyone says heading in our own directions.

*Author's Note*

Are new romances forming? Is there going to be jealousy? How about a fight between Luke and Liam. So team Luke or team Liam. Come on show your support. What do you think the boys will say when they find out Natalie is supposed to be getting married to Prince Tristan? Comment and tell me what you think!! :) Love all of you my cupcakes.


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