Upside Down: A Liam Payne fanfiction

Meet Natalie! Her high school year she went to The Academy of Raising Princesses. Natalie's mother knew the king of England who has a son her age. Her mother wants her to be a princess, but what happens when she falls in love with Liam Payne? Her whole world gets turned Upside Down.


5. Chapter 3- Graduation

Natalie's P.O.V.

I walk in and see One Direction and 5SOS sitting in the back row. I didn't get to talk to them because I had to get in my seat, but I can't wait until the concert today. "Oh my gosh I can't believe One Direction and 5SOS is here," I practically scream to Lizzie and Taylor.

"I know that's all you could talk about last night. I just can't believe I might actually become a Princess after today," Taylor squealed. The auditorium is stuffed with people. The graduates and their families are here, plus 1D, 5SOS, and the Princes. It's a pretty big auditorium. It's black with red chairs and a huge stage. They start ranting off names and which Prince they are already set up with. Not everyone is set up with a Prince yet. Lucky for me my mother knows the King of England. Yay! The thing is I don't want to be a Princess. I want to do something with music. I want to be somebody in this world.

"Lizzie Smith," the Principle says. Lizzie gets up to get her diploma and stuff while Taylor and I clap for her. "Taylor Mitchell." Uh Oh I'm next. "Natalie Rose who will be with Prince Tristan." I stand up, walk to the stage, and accept my diploma.

I make my speech which goes, "Thank you everyone. I would love to thank this school to give me this opportunity. I would like to thank my mom who introduced me to Prince Tristan. I loved the journey through the past 4 years. I loved meeting new friends and I got to new best friends. Thank You." I sit down and listen to the rest of the graduation. 

"Your speech was amazing," Taylor and Lizzie says right after the graduation.

"Thank You! I guess practicing it with my mom for like the past year really helped," I say in kind of a sarcastic attitude. Taylor, Lizzie, and I walk up to our room. We have to pack because we have to move out. I can't wait to go to the concert tonight. After tonight I have to plan for my wedding with Tristan. "Guys help me pick out my outfit for the concert."

*Author's Note*

Hey guys!! I hope you liked this chapter. I loved writing it and coming up with it. I can't wait for you guys to read the next chapter. Let's get to 20 likes until the next chapter. Bye cupcakes.

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