It's Complicated

4 Canadian girls rent a house on the beach in California for the summer. Ellie entered a radio contest there and won tickets to concert. What will happen when a group of guys rent the house next door??? Read to find out


5. The Day After

Sadie's P.O.V.

I wake up and still was vibrating from the amazayn concert last night so I put on my new red and black bikini, grab my towel and football then go wake up the over girls. When we go outside we see 8 shirtless guys walking on the beach.

"They're hot!" Parker whispers and we laugh and we put down our towels on the sand. The group of guys came over to us.

"That's One Direction and Emblem3 keep cool." Annabeth said under her breath so the guys couldn't hear.

"Hi there our boss never said anybody was in the house next door. I'm Louis." Louis said.

"Louis we know who you guys are and Ellie's uncle owns the house we are in." I say because all the others are still in shock.

"Please don't scream!" Zayn said in alarm. I laugh and nudge Parker.

"Umm..... Your, your Zayn Malik." She stuttered. We all laugh.

"So your uncle is Collin?" Liam asked

"Yep, oh ya my name is Ellie this is Sadie, Parker and Annabeth." Ellie said finally coming back to reality.

"Keaton go long!" I say throwing him my football to break the silence. He catches the ball then throws it back. I catch it and put it down. "Nice catch, not many people I know could've caught that."

"Oh really?" Keaton said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, most of my friends can't catch." I say, gesturing towards the other girls. This makes everyone laugh. Before long, we have a game going on.  It's 5 vs 6 because "there was no way on this fashionably challenged planet" that Parker was going to play football and ruin her manicure. On one team 1 was Annabeth, Keaton, Niall, Drew, and I. On the other team was Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Wesley, and Ellie. Even though we were the minority, we kicked butt! That's probably because we were mostly American  and understood football where as all the British players were a little confused. I ran to give my team high fives and then shouted, "WE WON!"

Louis looked over at me, gave me an evil smile, than ran away towards Parker. Before Parker could register what was happening, Louis had thrown her over his shoulder and was running towards the ocean.


"Okay." Louis said and dropped her down in to the ocean. Parker came up spluttering and spraying ocean water. She gave Louis a death glare before sending a wave crashing down over his head. This started an all out splash war. We all ran down to the ocean. Liam got me a bunch of times and I got Annabeth good. Of course, after that was done Parker got out and insisted on tanning. Zayn got out as well because he's not a fan of water. But, the rest of us stayed in and played with my football.


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