It's Complicated

4 Canadian girls rent a house on the beach in California for the summer. Ellie entered a radio contest there and won tickets to concert. What will happen when a group of guys rent the house next door??? Read to find out


6. S'mores

Ellie's P.O.V.


A few hours later, Liam and Niall tried to get a fire going, they kind of failed at it so Parker stepped in and began to start the fire. All the guys were surprised that she could start it.

"You know how to start a fire?" Harry asked.

"When your this hot you have to know how to start a fire." Parker retorted.

"You just got told!" Sadie exclaimed

"S'MORES! S'MORES!" I screamed out.

Niall replied "What do you want some more of? We haven't even had anything to eat yet!" The four of us girls stare at him in disbelief. "What?" Niall asked.

"You've never had s'mores before?" I say shocked the guys all shake there heads no.

"S'mores are best thing about fires!" Parker exclaimed. The guys just shrugged so, Sadie and I ran back to the house grabbed marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, and roasting sticks. When we returned, Niall and Annabeth were standing a little apart from the group, Annabeth was giggling at something Niall said. For some reason, a pang of jealousy shot through my chest. Wait what? I just met this guy a few hours ago why would it matter if he's talking to Annabeth?

"Who's ready for some s'mores?" Sadie shouted, snapping me back into reality. Soon, everybody was crowded around the fire, roasting marshmallows and eating s'mores.

"Oh my gosh! These are AMAZING!" Niall exclaimed making us all laugh.

"We told you they were good." Annabeth said teasingly "but SOMEONE didn't want to believe us." She nudged Niall in the ribs. The feeling was there again. Man, I need help.

"I have to agree with Niall, these things are SO good!" Liam said causing another wave of laughter which continued late into the night.



A/N Sorry this chapter is so short! With school just starting we're still getting back into routine. Also, this was NOT a good week at home. Lots if craziness!




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