It's Complicated

4 Canadian girls rent a house on the beach in California for the summer. Ellie entered a radio contest there and won tickets to concert. What will happen when a group of guys rent the house next door??? Read to find out


3. Getting Settled

Annabeth's P.O.V.

The drive to the beach house was extensive or in the words of Parker 'so totally boring, like legit'. Sometimes, I wonder how Parker managed not to fail English last semester. Oh yeah, because she's one of my best friends so I tutored her.

We arrived at the house 2:47 precisely. We all got out of the medium sized hummer limo. Us four stood in shock staring at the house with our mouths agape.


" Ladies welcome to your new home, take a look around." The limo driver said. We walked in as he carried our bags up the stairs. The living room had a grand piano and a 50' flat screen television. There was a door that led to the gorgeous kitchen. It had dark granite countertops and all stainless steel appliances. Connected to the kitchen was a dining room with a long mahogany table that could seat 12.

There was a hallway with 4 white doors. One of them I recognized as a closet door. The door parallel from it, was a bathroom.

We opened one of the remaining two doors. We enter a large theatre room. The aroma of butter-coated popcorn fills my nose. In the room adjacent, there were all kinds of arcade games and ping pong tables. We spotted a large TV and a whole wall filled with shelves of video games. After we were done looking around downstairs, we concluded on finding our rooms upstairs. We all raced up the stairs, some of us tripping more than others. On the right there were two doors, one with E on it and the other with S. So I turned and looked for the door with an A painted on it. It was right across from where Parker was already almost crying over her room. I'm assuming she's crying of joy because of the slight pink sparkle I see through the small crack in the door. I didn't realize our rooms would be personalized.

I slowly open the door to my room and the first thing I see is a bookshelf filled with John Grisham, Jane Eyre, and JK Rowling. This is almost as if it's a dream. Along the wall there is a king sized bed. On another wall there is a desk and in it is sitting a MacBook pro and beside the desk is a window seat. I walk into the walk-in closet that is fully stocked with clothes in my size. beside the closet in a 3 piece bathroom of my own.

"GUYS OPEN YOUR LAPTOPS NOW!" I hear somebody yell. I hurry over to my laptop and open it. Inside of it sits a credit card and a note. The note read:

Dear Annabeth,

This is just some money to spend while you are in California. Don't fret about how much you spend. But I trust you will keep the other girls out of trouble. Have a great time!


"SHOPPING SPREE!" I hear Parker yell from across the hallway.

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