It's Complicated

4 Canadian girls rent a house on the beach in California for the summer. Ellie entered a radio contest there and won tickets to concert. What will happen when a group of guys rent the house next door??? Read to find out


4. Concert

Parker's P.O.V.

I followed Ellie back downstairs to the kitchen to make a snack and saw four sets of keys sitting on the counter.

"EEEEE! CARS!!" I screeched. We ran to the garage and saw 1 convertible, 2 sports cars, and an orange and white VW van.

"I guess we can go on a shopping spree." Ellie said not very excitedly.

"YAY!! I'll go get the others! Annabeth can drive." I said. I ran back to the bottom of the stairs.

"ANNABETH! SADIE!! SHOPPING SPREE TIME! LET'S GO!" I screamed. I grabbed the keys for the convertible and tossed them to Annabeth when she got down the stairs and we all climbed in the car.

"TO THE MALL!" Sadie yelled as we drove off the driveway.

We are going on a shopping spree!!!!!!! I'm like sooo excited!

"At least can we stop at Starbucks and get some food?" Ellie asked. We all groaned.

"What?! I didn't get my snack." She complained. Sadie turned on the radio and found a good station.

"Remember to call in to get a chance to win tickets to a mystery concert right here in LA! It's 587-6732." The radio host announced.

"I wanna go to a concert! I'm calling in!" Ellie said as she dialed the number.

"AHHH! I WON? ... I will be there in 20!" and she hung up.

"TO THE RADIO STATION!" Sadie chanted.

When we got to the station, the host was there waiting for us. Who were we going to see?! He handed the tickets to Ellie and her eyes went like as wide as XXL ugly bellbottoms.

"ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!" Ellie screamed. We all joined her.

"Wait wait wait. Isn't Emblem3 opening for them on this tour?" asked Sadie. We screamed again.

"Okay now we need to find outfits to wear to the concert!" I stated.

"TO THE MALL... AGAIN!" Sadie repeated.

*3 hours later*

Sadie and I are unpacking and getting ready for the concert while Annabeth and Ellie make a quick supper. I unpacked my last skirt and started to reapply my makeup for the concert. I bought a short sparkly sundress to wear and I put my hair in a side ponytail. When I'm done I see Sadie coming down the hallway in the short jean cut-offs and the blue sporty tank top that she bought with her hair in a high ponytail. We walked downstairs together just as Annabeth and Ellie finish eating.

"Foods on the stove!" Ellie says as they run past us to go get ready.

*15 minutes later*

I put my dishes in the dishwasher as soon as I heard Annabeth coming down the stairs. She had on her new denim short shorts, a blue lace tank top with a cami underneath, her TOMs, and her hair surprisingly down. Ellie followed behind her in the bright pink chiffon blouse and white skinny jeans and her hair in a messy bun.

"You guys look great" I complimented.

"So do you!" Annabeth replied.

"TO THE CONCERT!" Sadie rejoiced. I grabbed my purse and slipped on my white flats and jumped in the VW. Of course we needed to take the VW, it looked exactly like the one in the WMYB music video. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!


Hey guys!!! Hope you like it. We know one direction haven't really been part of the story but don't worry they're coming in the next chapter. Please let us know what u think!!!!!

-Tyra and Taylor

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