The backstage pass

Competition Entry-

Two girls set off on their annual day out dedicated to meet Dan and Phil, every year so far they have failed but Is this year different?


4. 'Phans' unite

The other girls introduced themselves as we exited the station (again) and we did the same, it turns out that the smallest of the 4 (Grace) had only been watching the boys for a few weeks but she still knew all the phandom jokes it’s was great, Becky explained that we have been watching Dan and Phil for 2 years it turns out Lucy had been as well. Lucy was tall and had chocolate brown hair, she was also wearing a Danosaur top (hers was white) so we had the full collection with myself in the black, Becky in the purple and Lucy in the white, we all looked pretty cool I must admit.

We had been walking for what seemed forever, fangirling with each other and sharing stories, the 4 girls had been to the most recent Summer in the City (SitC) and they all met the boys at their meet and greet. As I begun the story of how this is mine and Becky’s yearly day out we came across a large building with ‘BBC Radio 1’ plastered across the front… WE HAD MADE IT!

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