The backstage pass

Competition Entry-

Two girls set off on their annual day out dedicated to meet Dan and Phil, every year so far they have failed but Is this year different?


3. Lost in London

“Becky we must have got off at the wrong place, we’ve been walking for ages and haven’t seen a thing, why can’t everything be sign posted, there should be a massive one saying ‘DAN HOWELL AND PHIL LESTER THIS WAY’ it would make life easier”

 I intended for this to be another one of my lame jokes, but I realised a massive sign would really help right now. I turned to look at Becky as she usually laughs at my terrible jokes but instead of a laugh I heard a snivel, Becky was letting off a few tears, she had given up.

“Charley this is our 3rd year trying to find them, and every year we fail, what are we doing, we was better off at home on Tumblr, let’s face it, we’re never going to meet them, let’s go back to the station and home.” Becky had lost every hope, and to be honest her saying that to me, so had I.

“Okay, let’s go” I gave Becky a hug and we made our way back.

We got to Piccadilly Circus station and saw several girls walk past with cat whiskers on, both me and Becky looked each other and followed them, we was both to scared to ask them if they are going to find Dan and Phil, so we listened to their conversation instead, after 5 minutes of listening in the tallest girl turned around and smiled, she pointed at our faces (I assume she noticed out cat whiskers) and ran and gave both myself and Becky a massive hug, the other 3 girls saw and joined in, we all double checked that we was all fans of Dan and Phil and agreed to join their little clan.

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