The backstage pass

Competition Entry-

Two girls set off on their annual day out dedicated to meet Dan and Phil, every year so far they have failed but Is this year different?


2. Getting there


We eventually got to Benfleet station and bought our tickets, the train was due any minute, don’t get me wrong the journey to Fenchurch Street is boring, especially when you can’t get a seat due to everyone going to work, but me and Becky have this thing where we will sing to entertain everyone on our carriage, it’s so much fun and makes a great vlog!

Arriving at Fenchurch street is always overwhelming, London is such a beautiful place, so much to do and see, I always have a thing from when I exit Fenchurch Street I always let off a sigh and a ‘woah’, its beyond necessary to express my feelings for London and I think myself lucky to only live a 40 minute train ride away from here, whereas Becky finds London makes her feel small with so many people walking around, but she loves the culture.

“Charley as much as I hate being here, I love the feeling of being surrounded by the mixture of culture, it’s amazing” Becky seemed more excited than usual, this one tweet had built up our hopes more than it should of done.

“I know I love being here, but should we start our adventure to the radio station?” time was passing quickly and I was becoming anxious and wanted to get a move on.

“Oh yeah, gosh look at the time, let’s go!” Becky noticed how much time we had wasted marvelling over London, and started to rush everything to the point where she nearly fell down the stairs to get into Tower Hill station.

We got on the train at Tower Hill and continued our journey to the Radio Station.

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