The backstage pass

Competition Entry-

Two girls set off on their annual day out dedicated to meet Dan and Phil, every year so far they have failed but Is this year different?


5. Backstage pass

“HERES A LLAMA THERE A LLAMA AND ANOTHER LITTLE LLAMA, FUZZY LLAMA FUNNY LLAMA, LLAMA LLAMA DUCK” we began to shout the lyrics to the Llama song at the top of our voices in hope someone heard us and got Dan and Phil, it didn’t work. A few people looked out to see what was happening but carried on with whatever they was doing straight after.

I turned to Becky to see if she was still singing/shouting the lyrics but she wasn’t there, I checked my phone and saw that I had 2 missed calls and a text from her.


Charley, quick tell the rest you need the toilet or something and come round to the back, I’ve found a way in-

Had she gone mad, braking into radio one, I know she is desperate to see them this year but braking in, I don’t know it seems a bit drastic. Despite all that I decided that I was just as desperate as Becky to meet them so I gave the other girls the toilet lie and made myself to the back entrance of the building.

“Becky are you mad, we could get arrested for this, this is stupid, you know it is, Becky I don’t think I can…” I began to hyperventilate but Becky couldn’t care less and began to make her way into the building.

 “CHARLEY! Will you just shut up!” Becky sounded annoyed, she obviously had no intentions of backing out of her plan.

I found myself following Becky into the building and up at least 3 flights of stairs, along a corridor and up another flight of stairs, this place was empty, nobody was here, we found some passes hanging off a coat stand with special guests written over them, we both took one.

“There is enough passes for the other girls should I go get them?” Becky gave me a disapproving look and carried on walking around the radio station, I carried on following. The pass around our necks made us both a bit more confident while snooping around the place.

After a 5 minute walk through at least 3 different offices we came across another flight of stairs but they were different, these ones had Recording studio painted onto the wall pointing upwards suggesting that the studio was up there.

“Look! There is the sign you wanted earlier” Becky began laughing at her own joke, I don’t even do that.

We went up the stairs as suggested by the sign on the wall and found 3 booths in front of us but all were empty and locked. Had we missed them?

I sat down with my back against a studio door when I heard a voice and it wasn’t Becky’s. I looked out the tiny window to see the 4 girls we met at the station being told to go home, Dan and Phil were too busy to meet them. This made me feel ridiculously bad, Becky on the other hand found it highly amusing that they got turned away and we was still here, and began to laugh.

We remained stationary outside the recording studios for 10 minutes when I got up to look inside them through the little window, I was trying to make out which one was Dan and Phil’s, when I felt something on a shoulder, it wasn’t Becky she was still on the floor laughing. Who was it?

I didn’t want to turn round in case it was one of them huge scary security guards that you see in movies, I remained fixed and still and waited to see if whoever or whatever would so or do something. I closed my eyes anxious of what the outcome of the next few seconds could be. When finally I heard a familiar voice.

“I don’t think you’re meant to be here…Harry?” The voice was too familiar but I couldn’t think who it was so I remained with my back to them.

“My name isn’t Harry, its Charley, and that’s Becky” I pointed to Becky who was sat staring at the person behind me in awe.

“Well that what your special guest pass says” I looked down and realised that I had Harry Styles visitor badge on.

“EW!” I let out a girly yelp and through the pass on the floor “ I hate One direction so much ergh”  The man behind me laughed and that’s when it clicked. Stood behind me was Dan. I turned to face him to see Phil laughing quietly to himself.

I didn’t know what to do I just wanted to give them a massive hug but realised I couldn’t because I was too busy already crying and apologising for sneaking in. Luckily Becky stepped in and explained what I was trying to say. I expected them to get mad but instead the laughed and opened their studio door.

What where they going to do, lock us out and laugh more?

“Guys come in before security find you, if they come to check on us Becky you can be Phil’s cousin and a Charley you can be my sister, okay?” I have never heard Dan say anything seriously, he is always sarcastic.

Becky took the opportunity and jumped in to the studio dragging me as well.

“Charley you can stop crying now” Phil looked at me and gave me a massive hug

“I know but I can’t, give me 5 minutes and I’ll be fine, if anyone comes just say that Becky punched me” I sat on Dan’s stool and carried on being the emotional wreck I was.

Meanwhile Becky was telling them how we do this every year, and they seemed impressed but scared at the same time. By the time Becky had finished her story I was okay.

“Guys I have a question? How did you even get in?” Phil looked confused

“Well got in via the back entrance and went up loads of stairs and found special guest passes and eventually found ourselves here” I told this story like I was impressed with myself when really it was all Becky’s idea.

“But if anyone asks we got in with our own backstage pass”




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