about One direction


1. Liam and Danielle

you stay by Liam's house, a late saturday evening, out in the rain, and you calling on his door, there go a little time, but he answer not, and you wonder you?? Hmm.. say you, he usually to be home a saturday??.. you ringing again on his door, but he answer not?.. okay say you, now i go! :'(.. while you walking, thinking you about why he not at home??.. you get some ugly thoughts, about a lot.. and your not safe on the relationships between you and him :'(  you go in little time, but so trills there a little tear down on your cheek, were is he?? :(  - I miss him, I hope not there are happened something with him! -thinking you high) - you can not keep it off :( you can not hold to think, what it is? about he has been another girlfriend, or he just not at home right tonight.. after little time, ringing your phone!! - you be happy, you see the picture of Liam as you have take of him, on your phone, you taking your phone up to your ear, while there rolling a little tear down your cheek, he talking to you, with a little hoarse voice, you say Hey!! sweety with a happy voice! OMG I'm really happy to hear you, i have been worried!.. where are you!?? sweety, you used to be home a saturday?.. yes! sweety, I'm also really sorry of this!, but I coming to you now! sweety, you should not believe that I forget you!!<3 - you begins to cry :') and there go a little time, before you answer him... you do not what you should answer him.. OMG sweety I LOVE YOU!!<3 I'm so happy now! I believed to you have been a new girlfriend :'( or something!... NO! sweety, can I never find on!?? - you are my one and all<3 I love you too!! we will always be together!!<3   

----------------------(Liam and Danielle will always be together inside!! <3)---------------------------





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