Killing You (Ben Bruce/AA fan fiction)

What was the life of Ben Bruce like before he started Asking Alexandria?
How did he get on at school?
Find out...


1. Introduction

“…Do you WANT ME to kick you out of this class?!”
“It’d be my dream, sir.”

“Get out of my classroom… NOW!”

“Woah, chill your fucking beans, Hedley! I’m going, I’m going!” I rise out of my slouched position and grab my messenger bag, fling the door open.

“Later, Mr H. Love ya,” I hear an eruption of giggles from within in the classroom in response to my sarcasm.

“I’m sick of your sass, Ben Bruce! GET OUT AND DON’T COME BACK UNTIL YOU GET MANNERS.”

What a fucking prick.

I slump against the scratched and dented wall outside Mr Hedley’s super entertaining geography class. I run my hand through my wavy locks of hair and examine the corridor. No one around. No one to see what I’m about to do to that stuck up wanker of a geog’ teacher.

I reach inside my trouser pocket and produce a marker pen. Permanent, just the way I like it. After checking the corridor once again, I get down to scribbling. With every squeak and swirl of the pen I grin to myself, imaging various reactions Mr Hedley may or may not have to my beautiful message.

I stand back with a satisfied grin and admire my work. Just then, a head pops out of the classroom door. It’s the class nerd, Ronnie.
“B-Ben, Mr Hedley said you can come bac—oh… OH!”
He notices the message and starts trembling.

“You’re a little shit, Ronnie, you really are.” I sigh. Just as Mr Hedley flies into the corridor, polished shoes squeaking on the floor, I spin around and make a run for it.

“GET BACK HERE, BRUCE!” Yells Mr Hedley as the bell rings for 5th period. Students begin to file into the corridor and I’m barging through them as Mr Hedley hurtles after me. I hear a high-pitched squeal, so I skid to a halt and turn around to see that a new girl has dropped her books on the floor, tripping Mr Hedley up and making him fall onto his face.

I grab the girl and kiss her passionately for 2 seconds, living her blinking in shock. “Cheers babe,” I wink at her quickly and run off before Mr Hedley recovers.

I skid around the corner and burst through the reception doors, into the courtyard. People are staring and pointing at me, wondering who I’m running from. I break into running once again and head for the caretakers shed. Just as I’m about to dive inside, a hand crabs my collar and spins me around.

“Well, I think we should have a little chat, Mr Bruce. Don’t you agree?”

In front of me stands Mrs Golding, head teacher of my shitty school.
“Whatever about, Mrs Golding?” I try and play innocent.

“We are to discuss this in my office and perhaps we should start with that lovely little message you left for Mr Hedley.”

As she leads me away, I smirk to myself about my little message.

In big, thick lettering,

'Mr Hedley loves cock.'

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