Left for the dead

Spirit is a bay dartmoor pony. He has cruel owners, who aren't afraid to use a whip if he doesn't do as they demand. Will anyone ever come to his salvation and give him a better home?


2. Savoir

I woke up. I must have been out for a while. Two women were looking down at me. I tried to scramble to my hoofs. "Easy boy, its okay. We'll soon get you away from this place" one women said as she stroked my neck. Her jacket said "RSPCA" on the back. She walked over to my hatred owner's door and knocked. No answer. She knocked again, and shouted "this is the RSPCA you have to open the door". Then the man with the whip opened it.

The other woman that was with me was looking at my cuts and bruises. "They have been mean to you haven't they" she said, stroking my bushy mane. I nickered back. Then she gave me an antibiotic injection to take away my pain. It helped a lot, until i heard the other woman shouting.

"You have to handover the pony! sign this!" she demanded. He signed it reluctantly. Then she questioned him.

"Breed and height?"

"Dartmoor, ten hands high when we last checked him"

"Hmmm" she said, not believing a word he said about my height. "And how old?"

"five an' a half years ma'am"

Then she came back to me, and took some photos. With some bribery, she loaded me into a cart and drove off

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