Left for the dead

Spirit is a bay dartmoor pony. He has cruel owners, who aren't afraid to use a whip if he doesn't do as they demand. Will anyone ever come to his salvation and give him a better home?


4. Back to full health

Nothing much happened for two months. I was almost at full health and was progressing nicely. Lily had been brushing me, and always looked over at me whilst she was leading one of the small ponies in the school. 

One day when i felt strong enough, i did something quite cheeky. I kicked my stable door open. Everyone, including the horses, stood still. They watched. I trotted out, and they still watched. I joined the back of the line. "Anyway, its time to canter one by one" the instructor said. 

They all had their go at cantering, and the riders were so good. I got to the front. Then, did what no-one expected. I cantered around the school. Everyone giggled, including myself. Then i fell asleep whilst everyone was walking around the school, and Lily led me back into my stable. She bought an especially made blanket for me, with my name in the corner of it. I nuzzled her, then she ran back to the pony she was meant to be leading.

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