Left for the dead

Spirit is a bay dartmoor pony. He has cruel owners, who aren't afraid to use a whip if he doesn't do as they demand. Will anyone ever come to his salvation and give him a better home?


3. Arriving at the centre

After about half an hour, we had arrived at my new home. The woman said that it was only temporary, until they find a new, loving owner for me. After that, she opened the car door and led me out. "because we don't have any room at the shelter, we will have to keep you here!" she  said "It's okay though, these people are friendly" she said, stroking my crazy mane.

There were lots of horses inside their stables. Some where enjoying being groomed by children. Some where being ridden by children in a lesson, in an indoor school. There was a few stables inside where school horses were kept, and the woman led me in there when the lesson was finished. "who is this then?" the instructor said, stroking my nose, i backed away."its okay boy she doesn't use whips" she said,stroking my neck. I moved forward. "This is Spirit, aparenly last time they measured him, he was ten hands high". The instructor looked me up and down. "well, i'd say that must have been quite a while ago" . She looked at my cuts. "Poor boy" she said whilst she was stroking my mane.

Then a small girl walked in to see me. She had soft blonde hair, and gentle blue eyes. She had two tone jodhpurs on; navy and light blue. She had a pink polo shirt on, with "Lily" embroided on the top. "West lane Equestrian centre" was embroidered on the back. She came over. "hello, Mummy what is his name?" she asked. "Spirit" she replied, hugging her daughter. Lily walked over to me again. "Hello Spirit!" she said. Lily put her hand out, and she offered me an orange thing. I sniffed it. It smelt delicious, so i ate it. "I don't think he has ever been given a carrot" she said sadly. Then she walked me into my stable and sat with me.

"Mum, once we  nurse him back to full health, can he be my new pony?" she questioned, her mum didn't reply.

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