The real us. One Direction Behind Closed Doors

Do you really know one direction like you think you do? Some people think they know everything about 1D and with their new movie out, yeah maybe you know even more. But there are some things you still don't know... Harry was in a car crash and it changed 1D, How you might ask? Read and find out what else could there be that you don't know about.


2. Chapter 1

 A/N  Hey guys! I know some things might seem like they are from the fanfic Dark but im not trying to copy I just like the idea of him being a fighter. I don't plagiarize so im only using he boxer idea and stuff nothing else. Hope you like it!!!




Harry's POV

I slammed down on the breaks of my range rover as the car grew closer and closer to the bright light of headlights. I put my arm in front of the passenger who was in my car. Im not letting anything happen to her. I love her like I never have loved anyone before. The car screeched as it jolted forward and my life flashed before my eyes...

Earlier That Day ......

Harry's POV

I was with the guys and we were bored so we went to the gym where I box. Yes I box, I train other people since I fight out of my weight class. Im Badass (hah). The other guys I train, Niall is to fragile. Well he seems like it but really he can pack a punch. Zayn is a great fighter same with Louis. Then Daddy Direction Liam I work most with, hes my best fighter besides me. I look out for him.

"Are we going to the gym?" Liam asked.

'Yeah, in a bit. Call up the others and say for them to meet us there.' I said.

'Already done they are on their way.' He replyed.

"leggo then' I say. I grab my bag and water and keys and we get into my car and go.We get  to the gym and meet up with the guys. We put our bags in our lockers and change. Im in the ring and punching the pads Liam has on his hands.

'Guys who is that?' Louis Niall and Zayn ask.

"Who?' I say as I turn around. I see a girl. Long wavy light blond hair, with green bluish eyes. With a teal tint. Her body was perfect, not to thin but not fat, just right. She was beautiful. 'Harry what are you saying. You do one night stands and you call a girl sexy or hot never beautiful' I say to my self. She turns around and our eyes meet. She turns around quickly and blushing a bit.

'Mate? Hellloooo earth to Harry !' Zayn and Niall say.

'You okay Harry? Your smiling, you never smile like that' Liam asked.

'Am I smiling? I didn't realize, sorry guys and yeah im okay. Its just that girl, shes beautiful' I said and the guys stood there, with their mouths open looking shocked.

' Ill be right back.' I said as I walked out to find the girl. She was in the weight room running on the treadmill. I walked over to her.

Darcy's POV

I walked into the gym and I saw this gorgeous guy with green eyes and curly hair. Our eyes met and I looked away fast since I was blushing. Im on the treadmill running and I see the curly hair come in the room. I stop as he comes over.

'Hey love, Im Harry.' he said.

'Hi, Im Darcy' I say.

'I just wanted to ask if you would want to go out with me sometime?' He asked.

'Uhh.... Sure why not.' I say and I gave him my number.

'Great, Ill text you Love.' and he kissed my cheek, I felt my stomach do flips as he walked away. I cant wait to go out with him, and he looks so familiar.


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