Snare and delusion *complete*

Everything seemed so real. Their smiles seemed so sincere. What if it was just a cover? What if everything was just a snare and a delusion?


16. The truth

They all stared at Louis.

"You mean it's all because of you?" Simon asked him. He nodded shyly.

"But I don't know exactly what I did," he muttered. Niall walked closer to him and said,

"I'm gonna explain you, then." He stared intensively at Louis, who looked down at his hands.

"We were at home and... Well, we had drunk. But you had done so much more than us. You were standing up to go to your room but you fell, so I went to help you but you pushed me away hardly, swearing against me. Then, you stared at me and you told that there was no way that someone like me was helping you. And that night, you told me everything you hated in me. And you laughed at what you were saying. I thought you were only saying this because you were drunk but all the others told me that you were right, that they agreed with you. I was so hurted," Niall whispered the last sentence, weeping.

Louis wanted to move closer to Niall but didn't dare. Instead, he just spoke,

"I didn't know," he was speechless.

Niall carried on, ignoring Louis, "Then, everything went bad and everyone told what he thought about the others. And then, you know what happened next until now."

Louis moved toward Niall and hugged him, surprising the latter. He cried on his friend's shoulder,

"I don't think words are powerful enough to make you know how sorry I am. I just love you so much and I didn't mean all the things I told you," he sobbed. "I will never drink ever again, but please, forgive me. Forgive your mate for the worst mistake he ever did." Louis was unable to add any others words.

Niall had been taken aback but as Louis was speaking, tears kept on running down his cheeks. After a while, he hugged Louis back weeping harder than ever.

The three others boys rushed toward their mates to hug them. Tears had filled everyone's eyes as one same thought crossed their minds.

How come they hated each other for a matter of no importance like that?

As they were hugging, smiles appeared on their parents' face, glad to see that their boys finally were the ones they used to be.



The end

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