Snare and delusion *complete*

Everything seemed so real. Their smiles seemed so sincere. What if it was just a cover? What if everything was just a snare and a delusion?


4. The content

Harry was the first to break the tense silence.
"I don't get it. How did they find out? No one came near the house. And no one could have heard what we said." He first thought that Simon had set it up. But if he really had, he wouldn't have called for them, he would rather have sent this to them. But he was serious.
"I agree with Harry. It must be a coincidence. Those are just random pictures which where taken out of the context. They can have imagined anything from them," Liam said calmly but he wasn't fully confident.
"It could be just a coincidence, you're right. But it's not," Simon told them, insisting on his last words.
On the desk were lying three pictures and none of them was showing the boys in a good way.
On the first one, one could see Liam yelling at Louis the day before while all the others seemed to enjoy the scene happening in front of them.
One the second one, Harry was breaking all the shelves in Niall's room. One could see anger in his eyes.
On the last one, Zayn was spitting at Louis' feet.
"What would you say if those pictures were published? What explanations would you give?" He asked them calmly. The calm with which he talked had a worse effect on them than if he had yelled. They were trying to think about what they could say but they were unable to find something convincing.
"You could say that Liam and Louis were rehearsing a play. You could say that Harry is a sleepwalker while napping in the afternoon. You could say that Zayn had seen a dirt on Louis' shoes. But do you really think people would believe you?" He spoke with the same calm but sharp voice.
They all were looking down at their feet, not daring to answer.
"But lucky you, they weren't published. I found them this morning with a note assuring me they still were secret." He now was pacing around the room.
"Then, we won't have to find any explanations about them." Harry said in a whisper. Simon walked toward him and looked him in the eyes, making Harry feel really uncomfortable.
"Yes, you won't have to." Harry seemed relieved.
"Wanna know why? Because you will rather have to put an end to this quarrel." He told them walking back to his desk. Harry opened the mouth but Simon didn't let him speak.
"You have no choice. Either you put an end to it and you became like you were before ; either these pictures put an end to your band, to One Direction. I'm afraid there is no others issues." The five boys were looking at him, shocked. He opened the same drawer the envelope was in and took a shit of paper out.
"This was in the envelope as well."
He handed it to Niall who was sitting in the middle and they all read it.


Three years have gone by. It's not a very long time but so much things have changed. You now are far from being the same that you were in your video diaries.
How disappointing... Your fans would be so deceived if they knew. But I assume that they will know soon enough...

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