Snare and delusion *complete*

Everything seemed so real. Their smiles seemed so sincere. What if it was just a cover? What if everything was just a snare and a delusion?


12. The call

Louis was about to start speaking when Simon's phone rang. The latter looked at the screen and answered. Sorry, he mouthed to Louis.

"Yes?" he said on the phone. He listened to what the other person was saying for a while without interrupting her. Louis knew at once that he was hearing bad news. He saw him shook his head many times.

"I'll be there," Simon finally said before hanging up. He seemed amazed.

"I'm really sorry, Louis, but I have to go. I can't stay." He walked toward the door but stopped, his hand on the handle. He turned around and stared at Louis.

"As a matter of fact, I think you should come with me." 

"Why?" Louis asked him.

"You'll see," he genuinly answered. Louis nodded and followed Simon. The latter wrote something in his phone while walking toward his car. They stepped in Simon's car and drove to his office. None of them spoke.

At last, Simon parked his car and they quickly walked up the stairs to get to his office.

He let Louis came in the room first. The latter froze. He tried to walk out of the room but Simon blocked him.

"Go and sit down," he told him firmly. Louis had no choice but do what he was told to.

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