Snare and delusion *complete*

Everything seemed so real. Their smiles seemed so sincere. What if it was just a cover? What if everything was just a snare and a delusion?


11. Louis

Louis ran to his car as fast as he could. He could hear footsteps behind him. He didn't want to have to deal with Harry or any other of the guys. He knew they would hate him for telling the truth but he didn't care. Tears ran dows his cheeks, blurring his sight.

He finally reached his car. He got in and started off quickly. He drove out of the parking and made his way to the flat Simon's had given him. All along the journey, his phone kept ringing. They all were trying to call him. He knew he would have to face them one day or another but the later, the better.

After what seemed to be hours, he walked in his flat and collapsed on the couch. He stayed there the whole day doing nothing but staring blankly ahead and hearing his phone ringing. He didn't know what was going to happen next and, as a matter of fact, he didn't want to know. What he had done was unforgivable but he felt relieved to have done it.

The sun had set down since a long while when Louis finally decided to stand up. He was midway to the kitchen when he heard a knock on the door. He walked slowly toward it and opened it.

"We have to talk," Simon said with a gentle voice. Louis felt like shutting the door but he knew it would be useless. He didn't answer but nodded.

Simon came in and turned around to face Louis. He looked his straight in the eyes,

"I want to know what happened to make things go that way."

Louis sighed and went to sit on the couch before looking intensely at Simon.


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