Snare and delusion *complete*

Everything seemed so real. Their smiles seemed so sincere. What if it was just a cover? What if everything was just a snare and a delusion?


8. Keys

Simon didn't add any other words about what he had organized. He just had taken five keys out of his pocket and put them on the table in front of them.
"It's for your own good." He had said before walking out of the room, letting them think about the circumstances.
The boys had never been so quiet and still. Long minutes went by before one of them dared to move.
Liam finally stood up first and walked toward Louis. He was soon followed by Zayn and Niall. The three of them were facing him, arms crossed. He tried to ignore them but they were staring too intensevely at him. He lifted his head up and looked at Liam. Guiltiness and shame were written all over his face. Then, he got up and went round Liam to grab one of the keys. He noticed a little shit of paper on it with an address written on it. He understood straight away. Simon didn't want them to live in the same house any more. Relief overran him. His life would been worse than ever after that event - though it already was hell to him.
Liam anger had grew ; he hated being ignored the way Louis had done it. He walked toward him and put his hand on Louis' shoulder.
"We better not yell nor fight." Louis whispered. Liam knew he was right but this time, circumstances worthed an argument.
"Once again, it's your fault. Do you hanker for the end of the band?" He tried to talk with a calm voice but his anger was vividly audible.
Louis looked away without answering. He went in the hall and grabbed his jacket and his car's key.
"See you at the interview." He muttered and made his way toward his car.
In the living-room, all the others were watching his car driving away.
Harry decided to leave as well. He didn't want to argue with Liam.
He took one key and read the address. He thought it was better for them but didn't like the idea he had to leave the house.
He walked toward the garage but Liam blocked his way.
"Simon may not want any explanations but I do. What have you done or said to Louis before he pushed you?" He asked sharply.
"Nothing!" He shouted, getting more and more angry. "How dare you accuse me?! If I had done anything, there would be a picture of of it, wouldn't it? Then, did you see one?" Liam didn't answer.
"Did you see one?" He asked again, seething.
Liam shook his head avoiding Harry's angry look.
"Right! Leave me alone, then!" He shouted before walking away.
But he turned around.
"If there is another picture published, it will be YOUR fault, this time. You got angry for nothing." He yelled at Liam.
The latter didn't bear what he was told. He took the nearest object - a vase - and threw it at Harry. It grazed him by inches before dashing to pieces on the floor.
"You are mental!! Simon really had a good idea, I couldn't bear living here any more!" He exclaimed before getting in his car.

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