Snare and delusion *complete*

Everything seemed so real. Their smiles seemed so sincere. What if it was just a cover? What if everything was just a snare and a delusion?


2. Awakening

The whole house woke up at the sound of the TV, which had been turned on by Louis to make the most sound it was possible.
They all walked in the kitchen yelling and swearing at him. Liam rushed toward it and switched it off.
"Are you mad? There are others people living in that house!" He shouted with anger.
"No need to remind me about that. If you only you weren't." He gave them a nasty look.
"You don't own the house, Louis. You better remember that." Niall said before heading toward the fridge. He opened it and grabbed food.
"And you don't own the fridge." He mocked Niall before walking out of the house without letting Niall time to answer.
"I wish he'll twist his ankle one of these days, during one of his morning running session." He muttered to himself. Though they disagree on many things these times, the three others agreed with Niall.
They all were harsher with Louis.

After all, everything happened because of him.

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