Snare and delusion *complete*

Everything seemed so real. Their smiles seemed so sincere. What if it was just a cover? What if everything was just a snare and a delusion?


3. At Simon's office

The next day, they were called in emergency by Simon.

He was one of the fews who knew about the boys' behaviour. And he hated it. When it all began, he couldn't believe it. He had - and still has - no clue why they changed so suddenly. At first, he thought they were just having fun, that it was a game they were playing to tease each others. But the more time went by, the more he understood the seriousness of the circumstances. There was nothing he could do against it. He tried many things and various methods but nothing worked. And, to his eyes, things were even getting worse with the time.
But this time, they would have no choice. They would have to be what they used to be like.


At 10 am, they walked in his office in silence.
Simon was about to talk but he was interrupted by Zayn.
"Sorry for being late. We should have been here thirty minutes ago if Louis hadn't had to look for the car's key the whole morning." He said as if it was something usual.
"I wouldn't have looked for it for hours if you had put it in its right place!" Louis exclaimed with anger.
And they both started to yell at each other without minding the others sitting in the room.
"Enough!" Simon shouted. They both went silent and looked down at their hands, avoiding his eyes.
"Well, you might have conjectured why I called you earlier." He made a break and looked at each of them. They all looked uncomfortable. They knew what would come and didn't want it to happen. He took a deep breath and kept on speaking.
"You know what I think about your little quarrel but this time, it's not about what I think about it." They stared at him with the same questioning look on their faces.
He opened one of his desk's drawer and pulled a brown envelope out.
He opened it and set its contents so they could clearly see it.
They all moved closer. They looked over it for a while before looking up at Simon. The whole band was wondering the exact same thing.

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