Loving is Hard

What happens when one girl's only friend dies? Well Lily is that type of girl. Her only friend died on her. All of her family is dead. She gets bullied at school. She locks herself out of earth. After a while she finds there is no reason to live. But what if a cute blondie with sea blue eyes tries to help her?


10. Chapter 6

 Lily's POV

 Right before the car could hit me I got pushed out of the way. The person who pushed me was right on top of me. I looked up but couldn't tell who it was. I pushed the person off of me and got up. While I got up so did they. I started to walk in the oppisite direction of my house. When I got half way down the street somebody grabbed ny wrist. They pulled me to my house. When we got there they turned the light on and I saw that it was Niall Horan the captain of  the soccer team. He looked at the clock and I followed his gaze. The clock said 10:30 and then he grabbed me. He picked me up, brought me to my room and put me down. He went through my dresser and picked out a shirt and some shorts. He asked me to put them on but I refused. He took my shirt off me and changed my clothes for me. While I just watched when he finished he put me in my bed. He sat down and he dozed off. I did too.

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