Loving is Hard

What happens when one girl's only friend dies? Well Lily is that type of girl. Her only friend died on her. All of her family is dead. She gets bullied at school. She locks herself out of earth. After a while she finds there is no reason to live. But what if a cute blondie with sea blue eyes tries to help her?


2. Chapter 1

Liliy's POV

I laughed as we went around the corner. Emma and I have been riding are bikes since 9 this morining. Right now it is 3. "Emma look at what I can do!" I said as I did a wheely. "Can you do this?" Emma asked. She stood up on her bike. She looked at me and then ran into a building. She fell off her bike and hit her head on a big rock. I stopped my bike and ran up to her she was unconsious. I called 911. 5 minutes later there was an ambulance. I told them what happen and they put her in the ambulance. I watched the ambulance leave. I grabbed the bikes and rushed them to my house. I went to the hospital. When I got there I asked where Emma's room was. I got pointed down the hall. I waited out of her room for the doctor. He came out "Are you Lily?". "Yes" I said. "She made it but is sleeping." he said.

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