Loving is Hard

What happens when one girl's only friend dies? Well Lily is that type of girl. Her only friend died on her. All of her family is dead. She gets bullied at school. She locks herself out of earth. After a while she finds there is no reason to live. But what if a cute blondie with sea blue eyes tries to help her?


14. Authors note

Authors note: I will try to update a lot but with school and keeping my grades. Plus chores and going to my dads house which has no internet. I am busy. I try to update but I have other stuff to do that is important. The parts are still up but I am taking down the contest. I have a quotev if anyone of you have one please read my books they are similar to the ones I write on movellas. I am working on a project after school but I will try to update after school every once and a while. Plus I am thinking about joining drama club and yearbook so I will be busy. Plus I am on student council and every once and a while I go to fitness club. So I have a lot on my plate. But I want everybody to comment what you think about the book. Bye my unicorns!

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