Loving is Hard

What happens when one girl's only friend dies? Well Lily is that type of girl. Her only friend died on her. All of her family is dead. She gets bullied at school. She locks herself out of earth. After a while she finds there is no reason to live. But what if a cute blondie with sea blue eyes tries to help her?


9. Author's note

Author's note: I think I might start writing another book while writing this one. But I am not sure. I am going to start to update on Saturdays and Wensdays. I will always update on Saturdays and Wensdays. I might update other days but I will always update those days. Unless I tell you I am going to update on different days. Like I might update and say instead of updating on Saturday I will do Sunday. Not really but you get my point right? If you don't just comment . I am thinking about adding 3 characters to the story. I am going to you guys give me basic info. Everybody can enter. I am going to pick the three characters by putting names in a hat. I will start to choose characters when 6 people have commented. Most of the time I just pick the first person to comment for the part gets it now I am doing it differently. Just for this book though. I will list what you need to comment to get a part down there. I will also list the parts. Ok so I want to let you know about an awesome book called Unnatural. It is amazing it is under my favorites list go read it. I will be doing a contest with the book in it. I will do 2 characters you can comment for and the third one you enter the contest. You can enter the contest up to 3 times which means you comment 3 times. If you do comment 3 times you have a better chance of winning. Here are the characters...

1) Niall's Girlfriend

2) Lily's Friend

3) Lily's Life Saver ( This is the part you have to enter the contest for)

This is what you have to comment to be a part 1 or 2

1)Your name

2) Eye color

3)Hair color

4)Accent ( American,British, or Australian or whatever your accent is)

5)Something about you

6) The part you want

7)Whatever else you want to tell me

If you are entering the contest this what you put down

1)Everything up there under the other parts

2) Tell me what happens to the main character at the end

3) What is the main characters name

4)Tell me the names of my books

Bye my unicorns!Start entering.

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