our love

This girl named katliyn lives with her abusive father who beats her every day and this boy oneday passes by the house and hears screaming


1. the beating

It was seven o clock in the morning I hardly got any sleep I then heard my stepdad say katliyn get your ass in here Irushedd to see what he wanted yes I need you to go to the store and by me a pack of beer I don't have money well u need to still ok I put on my shoes and socks and I went out side it was nice and cold as soon as I. as. Got to the store I put the beer in my jacket and ran on the way out I tripped and fell danger I'm in so much trouble as ssoon as I got home he said you are dead sorry I tripped and they broke then I ran outside and ran as far and fast as I could I tripped over this sexy man ouch I said o sorry it's ok. Umm do you need help yes somewhere to live
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