The Neighbor

When Julia Robertson moves to Sydney Australia, she moves next door to a boy. This boy is always watching her from his window. She finally gives up the nerve and goes over to his house to introduce herself.


15. Talking to Ashton


"Hey guys". I said softly turning my head to look at Luke who was still sleeping.

"Julia what the hell happened!?". Mikey asked.

"I accidentally forgot to meet Ashton, and I was with Luke. Ashton came looking for me and he was so pissed so after he went home and the next day Luke helped me bring my things home and Ashton came over looking for me and he beat the shit out of Luke and now we're here, and earlier I went to talk to Ash about me and Luke and he flipped out. I'm so sorry you guys must hate me or something. This is all my fault".

"Well technically it is all you're fault but Ashton went to far. We ALL knew how you and Luke felt about each other that's why me and Michael backed off but Ashton wouldn't stop". Calum exclaimed.

"Are you and Luke together?". Michael asked.

"Honestly I don't know.. we kissed earlier and we both said we wanted to be together but we never really confirmed it". I said.

Michael nodded and started speaking. "You're good for Luke, I can tell. He cares about you a lot, and we don't hate you at all. You were scared and confused its okay, it happens".

I smiled at him. "You really think so?".

"100 percent". Calum put in.

I laughed, thanks guys. We all got in a group hug.

'We're gonna go see Ash, we'll be back later. Also, Luke's mom and dad are on their way they were in London but theyre talking the first flight over here, Don't worry Luke's mom wont hate you or not like you for this. Its all a misunderstanding". Calum said.

"Okay, thanks Cal". They both walked out and I walked over to Luke. I sat down and played on my phone waiting.

I heard Luke stirring and a little moan came from him.

"hey" I said smiling at him.

He grabbed my hand and smiled.

"Are you okay?".

"I'm fine , Luke. What about you?".

"My head hurts". He said frowning.

"I'll go get the nurse and she'll give you some medi-".

"No. No nurses, no doctors, no medicine. Just c'mere". He said.

I walked over to him and he pulled my face down and kissed me.

"God I could do it all day".


"Yeah Luke?".

"I love you".

I smiled, thinking about how this all happened so fast.

"I love you too Luke".






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