The Neighbor

When Julia Robertson moves to Sydney Australia, she moves next door to a boy. This boy is always watching her from his window. She finally gives up the nerve and goes over to his house to introduce herself.


3. Starbucks and A/N

Julia's P.O.V. We walk into Starbucks. Wow, it looked so different from the one back home. I sat down and Luke ordered for me. He was so nice... and cute. Oh shut up Julia, you barley know the dude. Just then a girl with Blonde hair walked in. She was about...ehhh 5'5. Not sure. But she was pretty. Luke was still waiting, but she got her drink already. She walked over to me and said "Hi! is this seat taken" "uh.. my bo-I mean my friend is getting us drinks but you can sit here for now." I said smiling. I almost said boyfriend! Its not like this is a date...wait. "Im Anya" she said, pulling me out of thoughts. "that's a pretty name! Im Julia" I said and she smiled. Just then Luke walked over. He got me a Iced Coffee Latte. Cool how did he know!? "dude exactly what I wanted!" He got the same. "really? Its my favorite!" "aweee you guys like the same drink! How long have you guys been dating?" I blushed "uh haha we're not dating, this is Luke." "oh.." there was an awkward silence. Then Luke said "so...should we get goin" "uh yea sure but wait" I then took Anya's phone and put my number in. Then she did the same to my phone. "i'll text you" "kk" She said. Yay! Now I made two friends! We got back to Luke's house and there were 3 boys in the front of the door. And they were soooo cute! "Uh, hey Luke! Who is this?" One boy said. AWe he had dimples! But I feel like ive seen these guys somewhere. "Oh this is the new girl, Julia" He walked up to me "Hey...Im Ashton" He said smirking. He had a flirty cute Australian accent! "" He kissed my hand and looked into my eyes. Then Luke said "Ok back off mate, your gonna scare the poor girl" Then he walked away. Then one with AWESOME hair came up to me and shook my hand but the pulled my super close! "hey...Im Michael but you can call me Mikey babe" I could smell his minty breath. WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO MEEE! " Julia" He smirked. Then slowly let go of my hand and walked away. Am I that pretty or am I on pranked or something!?!? Wait there was one more boy. He shook my hand. "Hello love, Im Calum and I know you are Julia" Awe he was so cute. "ha yea" "come on lets go in" He said pulling my hand leading me in while they rest of the boys follow. That sat down on the couch. "uh I gotta go to he bathroom" I walked upstairs and went on Youtube. I searched up 'Luke Hemmings' Then I saw one with a group of boys. It was them! I knew I've seen them before they're 5SOS! Ok im not gonna let them know, I know. Luke's P.O.V. Luke and Ashton were so trying to take her form me. Well she's not mine but..ah forget it! But Calum was being normal. But that's how he is at first, but in a couple of days he'll be all over her. "dude, she is hot!" Ashton said "I 100% agree!" Mikey said "Uh...can she be the future Mrs.Hood!" Calum said. This is gonna get interesting!
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