The Neighbor

When Julia Robertson moves to Sydney Australia, she moves next door to a boy. This boy is always watching her from his window. She finally gives up the nerve and goes over to his house to introduce herself.


8. Oh really

Julias P.O.V. I woke up around 9:00am. I looked out my window and saw Luke waking up. Morning person I see;) I looked at him until he noticed like a stalker trying to get his attention. He finally saw me and flinched. He wanted me to come over later but we both were already awake so I decided to come now. I got dressed. Nothing special. I put on an ombre pink tank top and white jeans with my pink converse. And only put on mascara. I walked out the house and up to Luke's door. He answered. Man, is this kids parents ever home!?!?! His hair was messy, he was wearing a white T-shirt and he was in shorts. 'sexy look bro' I said sarcastically. 'hahaha I know right' He said flipping his hair trying to act like a model. We went upstairs and sat on his bed. Just then I got a text from... oh so called 'boyfriend'. 'aye u still up for our date tonight' I cant take this! I am not even that pretty!! Luke read the text. 'its fine, just go to make the poor guy happy' 'okay' I got up from the bed and picked up Lukes guitar and started playing it. 'so what did you wanna tell me' I said smiling starting to play the beat of 'Out Of My Limit' But quickly stopped when I realized. ' that again' 'uh...nah im good' I said almost panicking. ' I wanted to tell you... ImLukeHemmingsfrom5secondsofsummerandimsomewhatfamousandsoisAshtonCalumandMikey.' he said really fast all together trying to catch his breath. 'oh...what!?!?I love 5sos! Wanna know who my favorite in the group is!?!?!?!' I said sarcastically. He looked confused. 'erm...who?' He said playing along. 'LUKE HEMMINGS!!! He is soooooo cute and an amazing singer!!! I wish I was his girlfriend.' He quickly looked at me after the last part. Wait what did I just say? I want to be his girlfriend but I don't want him to know. I cut the silence 'I knew Luke.' ' am I really your favorite?' 'DUH' I said. Than he smiled and blushed. AWWWWE! Lukes P.O.V. She already knew! I knew something was up because she was so playing Out Of My Limit on my guitar. The fact that she said I was her favorite made me super happy. I think I blushed. And she said she wishes she was my girlfriend. I don't know if she was joking or serious but she still said it! But now she has to go on this date with Ashton tonight! He said sorry for hitting on her and stuff from last night but he is still taking her on a date. Cant believe that guy! xxSISIxx
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