The Neighbor

When Julia Robertson moves to Sydney Australia, she moves next door to a boy. This boy is always watching her from his window. She finally gives up the nerve and goes over to his house to introduce herself.


6. Boyfriend??

Julia's P.O.V. We sat down and watched a movie. They turned on The Conjuring trying to get me scared I guess. My old house was haunted nothing could scare ME! Basically cause im a type of awesome no one could figure out. Anywho...No one was really 'watching' the movie. Ashton wouldn't get his arm off me. Michael kept touching my leg, Calum would wink every time we made eye contact, and Luke just..smiled :) I pulled out my phone and texted Anya. I told her what I knew about. "OMG really!?!? I didn't even notice! I LOVE 5 seconds of summer!!!" I laughed "she loves what?" Ashton said. I forgot he was right next to me. "uh...nothing" "you don't have to be scared of me. I am kinda your boyfriend." I chocked on my spit " *cough, cough, cough* "boyfriend?" I said. "BOYFRIEND!?!?" they all yelled. " just gonna go." I said getting up. "i'll walk you to your house" Luke said getting up. "its ok Luke, its right next door" "don't care" he said playfully while smiling. "ill be right back" he said. "yea. don't try anything with my girl!" Ashton said "dude shut up she's not your girl!" Luke said sounding annoyed. He slowly grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front door. I turned to him "sorry about Ashton, hes a little too forward" hahaha "yea I noticed that" "well I guess this is goodnight" he said. "eh..yea see you tomorrow" "oh yea come over around 12:00 tomorrow I gotta tell you something." his said smiling which made me smile. "ok" is all that came out. He kissed my hand and said "bye bestie" that made me laugh and blush. I loved how he thought of me as his 'bestie'. I walked inside trying to ignore my parents and went to bed. I looked out my window and saw them sitting on Lukes bed. He saw me and smiled. Then the rest of the boys came to the window and waved. I waved back. So far so good. Lukes P.O.V. It really pissed me off when Ashton called himself her 'boyfriend' Yea sure *sarcasm* And then had the nerve to call her 'his girl'? HELL NO! If anything she will be mine. Mikey kept touching her leg. I wanted to punch him! I could see it in her eyes she looked so uncomfortable around them but not around me. I made her blush. I made her smile. And I have to make her mine. I will! I know she feels the same. I can feel it. xxSISIxx
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