My wierd blue eyes made you fall in love

Her life is messed up, but after moving to the country side, and out of New York, she meets a boy, who brings flutter to her chest, makes her smile, and gives her reassurance. Is this a good sign, or a bad one?


1. Prologue


“You’re going to stay with your Dad. I can’t. I can’t take it anymore. No more of you, Demitria!” Mom shouted and looked around the messed up living room. We live in a small apartment in New York, barely even fits 2 people. I had inherited mom’s dark red hair, and her perfect curved figure, and my dad’s bright neon blue eyes. I often got bullied for that trait of mine. People call me ‘alien’, and all kind of shit stuff. That’s what changed me one day.  I had kept my red hair, but bought contacts to cover up my weird eyes. My dressing sense changed into more badass. Like leather jackets and black goth kind of stuff. My mom hated my fashion sense then, but she couldn’t do anything about it. My attitude changed, not that I want it or not, I have to. I have to finally stand up to Travis, the boy that bullied me every single day. Travis was an old ‘good friend’ of mine. I have known him since we’re babies, our moms’ are friends with each other, and ever since then, he was a big bully.

“Mom! I don’t want to!” I screamed and slammed the fridge door. The glass bottles and containers clinked against each other. Mom and dad had divorced when I was 13, and it’s been 4 years since then. And I still hate dad and that woman. Even though he had cheat on mom with a woman called Clary in a hotel, and mom found out, he said he had changed after the divorce. He even had a small baby with that Clary. Mom told me umpteen times that dad really changed to be a good father those nights when I was crying real hard, but I just don’t believe it. That means, he wasn’t a good father to me, but to another sickening child?

He didn’t love mom when he had me? Mom and dad came from rich families, and they were arranged to get married at the age of 17.Which I am now, 17. And they couldn’t do anything to stop the marriage. They got me when they turned 18, and after that, they took off with me to New York. Probably some parents problem or something like that. Mom never really told me.

“Demitria, please listen t0 me. Maybe some fresh air from outside the city would help.” Mom begged and picked up the shards of glass. I gritted my teeth. Nothing will change. Not my weird blue eyes or my scarred past if I go there. What will happen? I’ll forget all about it suddenly? Demitria- I hate that name! That man was the one that made this name for me and I hate it! Tears crept out at the side of my eyes, and my vision went blurry. I can’t cry. I had been training myself not to cry since that day. I stormed into the small cramped toilet and locked myself in there. This is the only toilet we have. The shelves cramped with my makeup and mom’s stuff.

“Demi! You’re going and that’s that! I’m going to call your father to pick you up by tomorrow!” Mom hollered and banged on the toilet’s door.

And that was how I ended up at a stranded who the fuck knows where country side.

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