My wierd blue eyes made you fall in love

Her life is messed up, but after moving to the country side, and out of New York, she meets a boy, who brings flutter to her chest, makes her smile, and gives her reassurance. Is this a good sign, or a bad one?


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8

I walked as fast as I could to the student coucil room, actually, ran. I prayed that Jace was still there. The problem is just that we don't really communicate much. I blinked back my tears. He was the first friend I had when I came here. Without him, I wouldn't have met Crissie, Jake, Justin and Gordan. And he was the only one that didn't really mind my eyes. I want him to stay ny friend... but what is up with this weird fluttering feeling in my stomach or the raise of my heart rate when I'm near him? I'm so confused.

Does he really like me? In what way? Not that I want him to like me in a not friend way... I don't even think mom or dad would allow me dating a guy anyways. I cleared that out of my head. I reached the top floor of the building where the student council room is. A painted green door and a gold metallic plate that says: Student council room. I gulped. I really hope he's inside.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Yes...? You must be that famous girl." A girl answered the door. She's like a model. Tall, with beautiful brown eyes and flowy black hair. She had on a pair of black cat eye framed glasses. "Um, no... But, anyway, have you seen Jace- Jonathan?"

"Well, calm down, I'm not gonna bite. I'm the Student President of this school, Anna Belle. Jace just went off. He's headed to the music room I think, to gather some props for the drama club." I nodded and mumbled a quick word of thanks and rushed towards the direction of the music room... which if I'm not wrong.... is at the B building...

By the time I reached there, there was small beads of sweat trickling down my forehead... Why must there be so many buildings? I groaned as I tried the door knob for the music room. It's unlocked. I smiled, and went in. The music room was big. At least a class big. With different kinds of instruments displayed. I heard a rustling at the back of the music room. I pursed my lips and prayed that it wad Jace.

There was Jace, with his back facing me. I sighed in relief and he must have heard. Because he put down the drums and turned to me. It felt like my heart was pressed hard when I saw his face. "J-Jace..." I whispered.

Great, now when I see him, I completely forgot what I'm going to say. "Demitria." He replied, then went back to meddling with the drums. A tears escaped my eye. I've never cried and now... because of him. I decided to say everything that's going on on my mind.

"Jace... Don't ignore me," I said in a thick voice. He paused mommentarily, shocked. But didn't show his face. "You're... you're the first person to ever make me c-c-cry! You asshole! I had been holding all my tears back since forever and you broke my record! You idiot! And now you're ignoring me! I know. I know. I know... I know... it's my fault for letting the rumors spread so far. I- I..." I stopped and wiped away the tears that were on my face. I can't believe it...

Jace turned around. His face softened. "Don't cry.... I'm supposed to say sorry." He whispered as he walke over and cupped my face and used his thumb to wipe away my tears. "No. I'm... sorry. But- I still have to say something. It wasn't me that kissed him. He was the one. I don't even have any feelings for him!"

Jace bit his lip and placed his forehead on my head... he's tall... "I'm sorry Demi... I.... I thought... I thought..." Demi... Demi... that's what Noah calls me too. Demi... why does that sound so familiar... No one ever calls me Demi except for Noah... and now Jace...

I shook the thought off. "J-Jace... It's okay... I also had some-"

I was cut off when he lifted my face and put his lips on mine.

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