My wierd blue eyes made you fall in love

Her life is messed up, but after moving to the country side, and out of New York, she meets a boy, who brings flutter to her chest, makes her smile, and gives her reassurance. Is this a good sign, or a bad one?


7. Chapter 6

~~Chapter 6

Rumors spread like wild fire around here.  I mean seriously. And people around here… well, they exaggerate too much. When I stepped into the school, more eyes were on me today. My second day of school… I just kept walking, walking to my locker. Everyone was either whispering or giving me weird looks. And my walk to my locker seemed like it was kilometer away…

I still remembered yesterday… mostly because my right hand is now broken, wrapped in a bandage. The throbbing pain in my fingers reminding me that I had punched him in the jaw. And surprisingly, his jaw was rock hard… inhumane really. Jeez. That punch costs me 2 of my fingers. I didn’t know what took me over. Immediately after our lips met, I use all my might to push him away and punched him in the face while he’s not walking.

And now, people thought it was a couple fight… and that I had met that guy, who’s name, apparently, is Noah, before I transferred into this school. Seriously… the truth is far from that. Jace had to do something this morning, so he and I didn’t get a chance to walk to school today, so I had to do the journey alone. “Demitria! Demitria, Demitria, Demitria!” I heard a squeal. I turned around and spotted Crissie. Her brown hair tied up today. Crissie was much shorter than me, probably about 5~6 inches shorter, so I had to look down at her. “Yes…?” I asked, scared that she’s going to ask me about that Noah accident… which she did. “Are you really dating- wait, no- did you really date Noah? The Noah?” Her eyes was sparkling with excitement when she said the word ‘Noah’.

“Is he really that popular?” It’s not like he’s a model or anything, right? I spun in the locker combination and pulled the locker door open. “Yes, yes, yes. He is. He had been elected prom king, best dressed, and even the best in sports during every years speech day. For like… 3 years in a row! And he’s smart too! He got all As for all his subjects!" Her eyes twinkled admiringly when she said it. Is he really that popular?


"No, no we did not meet each other before I came into this school and no, I am not dating him." I scoffed, why would people think that I'm dating him? Some people seriously need an eye check. He clearly forced a kiss on me! "And you're not jealous?" I asked her. "No way! Even if I'm jealous, I would never dream or think of dating him! He's so wayyy out of my league! Probably, maybe in your league." I raised my eyebrows. Does she really think I'm that pretty? She had beautiful features, and pale skin. She's even more prettier than me.


"He would probably date city girls than country side ones. I mean, he comes from a rich family and the city-" Her words were cut off when she spotted something in my locker and she gasped. At first I thought it was some insect or pest but I noticed a bouquet of roses. I frowned. I am not really quite a 'flower person'. "Y- y- eeks!" She jumped up and down, clutching on her bag. "Chill girl," I laughed and took the bouquet in my arms.


It was still fresh. Little drops of water clinging onto the bright red petals. There was a card in the center. I took it out, and it read,

Guess who?

I frowned and crumpled up the piece of paper in my hands and threw it at the bottom of my locker, too embarrassed. I turned to Crissie and pushed the roses to her. "Keep it, my gift to you." Her lips turned into a pout. "You really don't want it?" She sniffed at the roses.




Her lips turned up into a smile. "Okay then, I'll cherish it, see ya later!" She stuck out her tongue and skipped away.


I sighed. Guess who? Who could it be, other than that stupid Noah. I grabbed my books and slammed that locker shut. Great, now the rumor is going to be even worse.

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