My wierd blue eyes made you fall in love

Her life is messed up, but after moving to the country side, and out of New York, she meets a boy, who brings flutter to her chest, makes her smile, and gives her reassurance. Is this a good sign, or a bad one?


6. Chapter 5

~~Chapter 5

I slid in the seat next to Jace. The cafeteria is a small one, and everyone’s tables are clustered together. The noise echoed throughout the whole room, making it easy for the next table to hear what you’re talking. In Jace’s table, there are 3 guys and a girl. “Demitria, meet Gordan, Crissie, Jake and Justin.” He smiled, feeling proud of his friends. I smiled back shyly, trying to conceal my eyes. Would they want to be friends with me? The girl sitting in front of me, Crissie, smiled at me- no teeth- and chewed quietly on her pizza she had in her mouth. She had long brown hair, that reached to her back, and beautiful deep grey eyes that resembles a storm cloud. A little dangerous, but pretty.

“Woah, you’re so cool! Just like Jace said!” The guy sitting beside Jace bent and looked at my face. Wow… I feel so nervous now… is everyone here so open? And Jace had been spreading stuff about me, huh… “Are you sure those aren’t contacts?” he said… Gordan, I think. I suck at remembering names… “Mm, yeah… unless you mean that I had on contacts since I was born.” I cracked a small little joke. Gordan smirked. “I like you girl.” Jace chuckled hearing his comment. My eyes flickered to those two guys that sat beside Crissie. They looked exactly the same… well, maybe not. But one had dark brown hair, the other had bleached blonde hair. “Hi, I’m Jake, and he’s Justin. The quiet one in our group… and you’re Demitria. He’s my brother by the way.” This is my first time seeing twins. They both have blue eyes, the same similar nose, mouth and even face shape.

“So, you came from New York? How’s it there? I’m sure you’ve never been to these kind of place before!” Jake smiled enthusiastically. “Hm, I can’t really remember what happened during my childhood days… but I guess I haven’t been to the country side before.” It’s true… All the memories I had were when I was 10 and above. The rest were just fuzzy memories of crying, laughter and mom scolding me… right. “How do you find it here?” Gordan asked. “Well, very… um… countryish? I dunno. I came here in the first place because my mom forced me to-“ Shut up. The voice behind my head said. Now I feel bad. It’s like I didn’t want to come to this shity place… which they live in. And they might think I’m a spoiled brat. “Well, since my dad stays here too.” I quickly added on. I faked a smile. I didn’t really want to come here in the first place… but I can’t bring it to tell them. I know you shouldn’t lie to your friends, but like telling them the truth would hurt their feelings.

But Jace is the only one that knows the real truth. I glanced at him momentarily. He sat there, with his eyes on the food. I hope he didn’t hear that. “Awesome… I’ve been living here my whole life… I have never been to a big city like New York.” Jake added, trying to break my awkwardness. At first, I had doubts about country people. But I guess they are different from what I thought they were… but extremely gullible… However, friendly. I didn’t expect myself to settle in a school so quick, not with my eyes like that… but they accepted me in their group, and even found my eyes awesome. Before I even came here, I thought they would have a country accent, and a country smell… but I guess not… I was being stupid for thinking that I could not make friends… and having no confidence.

I swallowed back the lump in my throat. This is like the first time in high school I actually had friends…

“Wanna swing by the local ice cream shop? Jake here wants to go get new wheels for his board.” Crissie asked, holding up a pink skateboard of hers. “And we’re testing it out too.” She smiled. This was the first time she talked to me… It’s already after school. The day went by fast, especially with friends. I had a reassured feeling in my heart. Although some people still stared and gave me weird looks, I know I have my ‘backup’. I didn’t care about the stares for a day. But, unfortunately, I felt tired… Like, I just wanna go back and sleep the day off… I didn’t know talking to people was so tiring…

“No thanks, I’m dead beat… You guys can go ahead. See you tomorrow?” I smiled at her. She nodded and waved to me as I head back. I waved back. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I’ll spend more time with my friends. I looked behind and they were walking ahead already. Jace was with them, I had asked him to go off earlier. “Demi!” I heard a familiar voice. I turned back front, and spotted the guy. He had his jacket off, swung behind him like a model. And he does have a body like a model too. Girls were crowded around him like a few meters away… jeesh, popular, douche bag, and play boy. Not my type at all… I wondered why no girls flock around Jace, or is it I didn’t pay attention? He’s as hot as this guy is.

I shook my head off the subject. I took the other route, ignoring him. “Demitria…” He faked a ‘whine’ and tugged at the rim of my shirt. “What do you want? I barely know you.” I growled, glaring up to his stormy grey eyes. “You seriously forgot me? All of it?” He asked. He had my shirt in his hands, and I can’t just walk away. “I don’t know you, okay? Get. It. In. Your. Head!” I stomped on his foot. Luckily I was wearing my boots today… well, so is he. He didn’t even flinch. “Such a pity… You can just shake off you lame ass friends you know.” I gritted my teeth. Lame ass? I don’t really fight much, but I still know how to grab a proper collar. I pulled him down near my face, and gave him my signature cold stare, which my mother also find scary… I know right? That woman?- His eyes stared into mine, not a single flicker of fear ran through his eyes. “I’m going to make you remember, Demi.” With that, he closed the gap, and our lips touched.

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