My wierd blue eyes made you fall in love

Her life is messed up, but after moving to the country side, and out of New York, she meets a boy, who brings flutter to her chest, makes her smile, and gives her reassurance. Is this a good sign, or a bad one?


5. Chapter 4

I blushed and looked away, he’s so weird, he’s the first person to ever say that I look beautiful. For the first time in 17 years. I could still feel him looking at me. The intensity… My eyes flickered back to him, trying to tame my nervousness inside me. Beautiful, me? I have always thought I looked like a monster without my contact lenses on. “Demitria, Jonathan! School’s about to start!” Clary called out from the kitchen breaking the moment.
I blinked as Jace’s cheeks turned a cute shade of pink. I headed towards the door, leaving him standing there ‘shocked’, ‘dumbfounded’. “Are you coming or not?” I asked before heading towards the door. “Bye, Clary,” I heard Jace call and heavy footsteps behind me. I really hate going to school… but now with Jace by my side, I feel a little more reassured… but a weird feeling inside of me… too. Something warm, fluttering and sweet. Like a bee’s honey.
When I reached the front gates of the school, I was shocked, I mean seriously. The school was way smaller than the one in New York. People strolled into the school casually, with books in their arms. There’s isn’t a parking lot for students even though it’s like in the ‘middle of nowhere’, only ones for teachers, which are only a few. The school building was separated into 3 blocks, with 3 levels to each building. Buildings A, B and C. C is for the Arts building. Like History and stuff like that, there’s even sculpting class- that was what Jace said. B is for science, and A is for Languages. There’s even Japanese lessons here. Such a new environment, and weird.  All the buildings had the same dull color- grey. With red for the window sills.
Jace brought me to the A building, which the general office is situated at. I swung open the glass doors and stepped in. A few people leaned against their lockers doing their own stuff. “I’ll show you up to here. I have to do something concerning my club- oh, and, meet you at lunch. The cafeteria is in the C building.” He waved and walked away, leaving me in the hallway. Well… that was… fast.
I found the general office fast though, it had a big grey sign which spells GENERAL OFFICE. When I entered, a huge gust of cold air blew on my face, and I spotted the secretary. She was a lady who’s about 20 or so, with her bleached blonde hair tied up in a long ponytail, and she wore a pink secretary suit. To me, she looks more like a ‘city’ person than a ‘country’ person… with her ‘look’ and her makeup.
“Hello, you must be Demitria, the new girl?” She asked in a cool tone. I spotted her name tag on her left pocket. Ms Stella. “Yes, I am. I’m here to collect my schedule and stuff…?” I asked her. She looked into my eyes and inspected me… creepy. “You know,  you can’t wear any exaggerated color contacts to school right?” She rummaged through a stack of papers on her desk and got out a pamphlet. It was a pamphlet of  the school rules.
She tapped on the paper with her perfectly French manicured nails, indicating a line of the school rule. ‘No wearing of  superficial colored contact lenses during school time.’ It read. I rolled my eyes. “It’s my natural color. Believe it or not.” I said, pushing back the pamphlet that she ‘shoved’ in my face.
She ignored me, and put the pamphlet back, passing me a brown envelope. “There’s your student pass, locker combination, and your schedule. Please ask your teachers to sign this…” She passed me a yellow piece of paper with each lessons on it. I nodded and headed out, without a word of thanks. Jeesh… that’s why I hate my eyes. Do they really look so ‘artificial’?
I got to my locker, 145 at block A easily, and spun the combination in. 25~45~30. Let’s see… Geography first, at block B. I threw my back in to the bottom of my locker and got out the geography books. Shut the locker, and-
And I noticed a guy standing beside my locker, with a witty grin. The kind of grin that shouts ‘bad boy’. I ignored and turned the other side. “Demitria!” That guy called out to me. I clucked my tongue and spun around, facing him. He had a pair of dark grey eyes, that twinkled with playfulness, and a blemish free, ‘play boy’ face. He’s about 180~ or so, a ‘leather’ type of guy. He wore a leather jacket with a white tee inside, and black pants with black combat boots. The typical bad ass guy.
“I don’t want anything to do with you.” I said to him simply. Well, although he’s handsome- and that’s not the way to make friends. A small voice at the back of my head retorted. “Man, don’t be such a cold person.” He smirked, skillfully and swiftly moving behind me, blocking my way. I turned around to face him.
“What is it that you want?” I must admit though, his face is a little familiar. The way his dark brown hair falls sexily down his face, covering a little of his eyes. “Nothing, do you remember me?” He asked.
“Are you someone I should know?”
He stared into my eyes, with curiosity, mischievousness burning in his eyes. Truthfully, I’m a little crept out… or scared. I know I shouldn’t be messing with these type of people. “It’s going to be fun… Demi.”

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