My wierd blue eyes made you fall in love

Her life is messed up, but after moving to the country side, and out of New York, she meets a boy, who brings flutter to her chest, makes her smile, and gives her reassurance. Is this a good sign, or a bad one?


4. Chapter 3

~~Chapter 3
“Demitria, wake up, wakie wakie…” a voice called out to me from the outside world. It feels like my body is floating in the air- complete darkness. Someone shook my arm gently, trying to break me away from my peace. “Demitria, you have to go to school…”  School? Once I heard that word, the world I was in cracked and shattered and my eyes fluttered open. Dad was looming over me, with his excited pair of neon eyes  almost ‘glowing in the dark’. “School? I have to go?” I whined. What time is it even? I glanced at the small digital alarm clock. It’s only 7 in the morning! I groaned, and dad said, “It’s only till the afternoon. I’m sure you’ll make friends.”
Friends? Yeah, right, not with these eyes- oh wait- shit- I scrambled up suddenly, and ran to the makeup table and rummaged through my makeup bag. I poured out everything and alas… I forgotten to bring my contact lenses. I groaned again and punched the table. “What’s wrong?” Dad asked and walked towards me. “I- I didn’t bring my contact lenses.” Looks like I’m not going to make any friends now…
“Demitria… look, when I was younger, I was made fun too, the same reason as you. My eyes… our eyes. But I did overcome it and just didn’t care about anything those bullies said, and just walked without fear, and everyone could see my eyes. You don’t have to hide it.” He patted my back comfortingly. Is that what all parents say? That it’s okay?
“You’re wrong! Because after you left, I was bullied more. By that stupid Travis… you, who weren’t there… don’t know what he did to me… so don’t say anything… like you understand- even mom doesn’t know.” I stormed into the bathroom and locked the door. Bathrooms… always my save haven. I turned on the tap to full blast, muffling my sniffles. I shouldn’t cry over such a small thing.
I looked down on the floor as I walked down the stairs, my makeup light, so my face wouldn’t attract any ‘unwanted attention’… but what the fuck, my eyes already attracts as much already. Clary was making bread and she kneaded the dough. “Good morning Demitria.” She smiled. The whole house smells of freshly made apple sauce. “Morning,” I muttered.  I ignored her and walked to the living room. The television was on and someone sat in front on the couch. Someone blonde…
I frowned. “Oh, and Demitria, you and Jonathan will be going to the same school, so I thought he would show you there.” Clary shouted from the back. Jonathan…? Jace? My eyes widened as he turned around. I can’t let him look at me when I’m at this state! “Demitria…” He was shocked at first to see my eyes, but his lips curved into a slight smile. “D-don’t. What’s so funny?” I snapped at him.
“N….nothing…” He smiled, his eyes still on mine. “It’s not funny. I hate my eyes!” He walked towards me, and said…
“But you look beautiful..."

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