My wierd blue eyes made you fall in love

Her life is messed up, but after moving to the country side, and out of New York, she meets a boy, who brings flutter to her chest, makes her smile, and gives her reassurance. Is this a good sign, or a bad one?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Jace knocked on the heavy dark mahogany door of Clary’s house. After dad divorced with mom, he moved in with Clary and they got married. This house is huge. I have never lived in a big house before. Even before when dad and mom were still married. Even if I did, I had lost that memory. “Faller? Clary? Jace here, I found Demitria out in the forests.” I could hear footsteps from the other side of the doors. Oh right, I turned away from the door and Jace and quickly took of my lip piercing, just in case that man is unhappy about it. Why should I even care in the first place?

I slipped the studs into my back pocket and just in time, the door swung open, and there stood the woman I hate the most. Clary’s a slim woman, but not as curvy and perfect as mom- what in the world does dad even see in her? She has caramel brown wavy hair- that I envy, and bright forest green eyes that glowed with happiness. She’s almost the same height as me, and the same age as mom. “Hi, you must be Demitria, your dad is so worried about you. He’s off searching for you out in the forests. You can call me Clary.” She smiled warmly. It was like when the door opened, a burst of sunshine, rainbows and furry animals drowned on me. “Y-yeah.” I stammered, refusing to say more.

But Clary didn’t make that her conversation killer. She continued with her cheerful blabber. “Thank goodness Jonathan brought you back, your luggage is in the guest room, come on in. You too, Jonathan.” She gestured for us to come in. I stepped in the house, and onto a warm welcome sunshine yellow house mat, with sunflowers printed on it. The house has a cozy touch to it. Pastel blue and yellow wallpapers on the wall, a messy but neat hallway. Shoes littered the shoe rack and winter coats hung on the clothes stand. I recognized a shoe. It was dad’s sandals. The same ones when he went to the beach with me and my mom 5 years ago. I carefully kicked off my sneakers and walked down the hallway to the living room. Jace did the same and followed behind.

“Feel free to explore. I’ll be attending to dinner. Oh, and meet Belle.” She pointed to a small girl playing at the corner of the house, probably around the age of 3. She had her mother’s  green eyes, and luckily not my father’s eyes- I would definitely feel weird if another kid who’s a stranger had the same eyes as me… and kind off not ‘special’ anymore. It’s hard to explain. She has my father’s mouth and nose though- disgusting- I hate her already, maybe a part of me just don’t want to share dad. I have always been the only child after all.

Belle turned around and saw us- or maybe just Jace, because she stood up, wavered a bit, and started running towards Jace. He seems popular. Even a guy like him… My insides started to feel queasy as I made my way upstairs, ignoring everything. I found the guest room quick enough. Just the room beside the master bed room which was dad’s and Clary’s. I peeked inside the master bedroom, just out of curiosity. The room matched the rest of the house, except that the yellow wallpapers are filled with flowery patterns. A bed in the middle of the room, with a deep purple comforter, and there’s a big screen television in front, a small bathroom and a white closet. Just so simple.

I walked into the guest room. It was different. It was the color of plain purple, and it didn’t match the rest of the house, which was weird… and another thing that I wonder if it’s coincidence, but the color was my favorite color-last time. Did he arrange this? A white dresser at the corner of the room- that looked like my old one before me and mom moved into the apartment. A dark purple single bed at the side of the room, and at the other corner, there was a white bookshelf, with many books on it. All my favorite, classic novels, some of my favorite old anime, and vampire novels… did he really do all these?

There was a small toilet at the other side of the room, with a small wooden plate that said, ‘Demitria’ My expression hardened as I set my bag on a swivel chair that was beside the door, with a small white study table. I shut the door behind me and locked it. The doorknob seemed cold and unfamiliar to me. I didn’t want to be here. I walked over to the window, and sat on the big build in ledge that was supposed to be like a reading corner. I sat there, looking out of the window. The room overlooks the forest. And I can see everything so clearly. The trees are swaying lightly with the wind as small leaves flutter down gracefully.

I saw a small figure appear from the forests, and I immediately know it’s dad. I thought things over and over again. And finally, thought of that. I just accidentally let my mind wander to the part where it’s the most dangerous, the most nightmarish…

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