Zombie attack

The story is about a group of people, Aria, Spencer and Benny.
They live in England, Cambrigde.


4. the strangers

 The weather was cold and I regret I didn’t take my jacket in the hurry. I didn’t know how to get food but I had to find some. I tried to find a local shop but we were far away to have one. After a think I had walked 40 minutes when I saw a house. It wasn’t quite big but if there was any food and water. It was enough. When I got closer I thought no one was there but I still knocked on the door.” Who?” I tiny voice said from the house.” I am a human and I don’t want to hurt you.” I said and felt as a jerk. I had wait for about 5 minutes and when I just was leaving the door opened. I big man with lots of tattoos stood in front of me.” I just want some water and maybe some food.” I whispered.” Come in.” the man said with his deep voice.” Okay.” I mumbled. When I was in the house I felt unwelcome.” Oh dear.” a little woman said and hugged me. I didn’t know what to do so I just hugged her.” She is a bit emotional… We haven’t seen a human in 2 days and my mom thought all humans are zombies.” A boy said with dark hair and blue eyes. He was probably 15 years old.” I am sorry… I am Aria.” I said.” I am Jack this is my wife and son, Tara and Ben.” Jack said.” Okay I am here because my friend Spencer and a boy named Benny are hiding. But we don’t have any food.” I said.” Oh… But my dear we have food to you and your friends.” Tara said and walked as fast as she could away from the living room.” We have this place downstairs in our basement with a lot of food.” Ben explained.” Sit down. I`ll find some biscuits to you.” Jack said. I walked to the sofa and sat in the sofa but still uncomfortable. I was sitting in some stranger’s house.” Mr. Johnson no need to do all that.” I said.” Johnson?” Ben asked confused.” Your postbox.” I said.” Just call me Jack and just eat a little bit then. Tara wanted it to be as normal as it can be.” Jack said from the kitchen.” So how old are you?” Ben asked. Was this a hint to something?” 13 years old.” I lied.” You are lying.” Ben said.” Yes but why do you want to know how old I am?” I asked.” I am sorry… You just look like my sister did.” Ben said and I think I could see a tear.” I am sorry… Are she dead?” I asked but regret it.” No.” he just said. First I didn’t get it but then I did. His sister became a zombie.” I am sorry.” I mumbled. He was just about to saying something but then his mom came.” Just take it all. There is some meat, fruit, bread, butter and some candy to Benny.” Tara said and gave me a bag with all of it. There was enough to one week.” How can I thank you enough” I said.” It`s okay dear.” Tara said.” Good luck.” Jack said. Ben just looked at me and I tried to smile. 

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