Zombie attack

The story is about a group of people, Aria, Spencer and Benny.
They live in England, Cambrigde.


5. the end with deadth

The way back felt like nothing.” Aria its night. I was worried about you.” Spencer said but it actually didn’t look like she did worry about me.” I have food. Are Benny hungry?” I asked.” I don’t know… But I am hungry.” Spencer said.” Where is he?” I asked again.” Again I don’t know. Did you say I should look after him? Spencer said.” Spencer what happened?” I asked.” It`s not my fault. Benny was gone when you walked away. I started to look around in the office then I tried the ice cream room at last. He was lying in the floor covered with blood. I didn’t touch him but…” Spencer said but I interrupted her:” Stop… Please. What did you do then?” I asked.” He woke up as a zombie and I killed him.” Spencer said.” You did the right thing.” I said.” I am glad you don’t blame me for this.” Spencer said.” I AM blaming you. Spencer you are the most egoist person I have ever met.” I screamed and ran into the ice cream room. Right in the middle of the room Benny was lying on the floor. There was a lot of blood. I began to cry and first stop the next day. When I woke up I saw Benny and remember it all. Spencer`s explanation, The strangers and Benny`s death.” Some strangers need our help.” Spencer said. I ignored her and walked to outside. And there stood Tara, Jack and an almost dead Ben.” What happened?” I asked terrified. Tara began to cry and I got uncomfortable again.” Can you help us?” Jack asked.” I am a doctor and I’ll try my best.” I said as a doctor always says when it`s hopeless.” Thank you, dear.” Tara said. Ben`s leg was tear apart and his head had look better. I tried the whole night while Spencer was making food for Tara and Jack. I always had the doctor-stuff with me I don’t know why. Ben was begging to wake up in the morning.” Am I in the heaven?” Ben asked. That makes me laugh.” I am not?” Ben said embarrassed.” It`s okay. Wait I am going to talk to your parents.” I said and left the room. Tara and Jack were awake and got even more awake when they saw me.” He is okay.” I said and smiled for the first time in days.” Can I see my Teddy Ben?” Tara asked. I think I heard Ben saying: “MOM.”

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