Zombie attack

The story is about a group of people, Aria, Spencer and Benny.
They live in England, Cambrigde.


1. the begging...

Once upon a time there were zombies in Cambridge. I lived there, but I should tell the real story. It all stared in my father’s barbershop.  I was with my friend Spencer Ravenswood she was a really good friend, when she wanted to be one. It was a Sunday and every Sunday we babysit a little boy named Benny Berenson. So Spencer and I were talking about this scream I heard yesterday night. Spencer thought I was lying but I weren’t.” Just forget it.” Spencer mumbled tired. She probably didn’t drink coffee that day but Spencer was obsessed with coffee.” I can`t just forget it. Something is wrong here.” I said.” You can feel it right?” spencer asked. I could hear the sarcasm in her voice. Somehow I got angry and screamed:” Why are you always like that? I am your friend not your enemy.” She just stared at me like she was thinking about what to say.” Calm down. I am tired of you. You are so dumb if you think there is some kind of supernatural creatures out there. If you do then look after them. But I don’t believe in that nonsense.” Spencer said. Benny looked at us and then he scream after seen outside. We both turn around to see what it was. I saw some zombies they were more disgusting then on the television. Some of them didn’t even have eyes and they all were like someone took them out of their grave.“ Oh my god. It`s not zombies. It`s not zombies. IT`S NOT ZOMBIES.” Spencer so loud she could. Like if she could say it loud enough they will go away. Benny`s face was covered with tears and it didn’t surprised me. He was only 8 years old and he hasn’t even seen a poor man yet.” Why in England?? Zombies go to Denmark instead.” I said.” Why Denmark? My grandparent`s friend`s neighbor`s family live there.” Spencer said. Maybe as a joke but at that time I didn’t get it.” Let`s go… we can`t stay here.” I said.” I want my mom.” Benny cried.” Shut up kid.” Spencer snapped.” Let`s take my car.” I said.” No let`s take mine.” Spencer said.” We can take my bike.” Benny said and then continued crying.” Spencer!!! Stop it. We really don’t have time for that.” I said and walked outside to my car.

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