Zombie attack

The story is about a group of people, Aria, Spencer and Benny.
They live in England, Cambrigde.


2. Problems

 I drove in silence because what should we even talk about back then.” Do you think my parents are zombies?” Benny asked. His eyes were red and he looked hungry.” Benny I don’t really know but I am sure they have other people to help them.” I said but I think he could hear I was lying.” I don’t believe you.” He said and sent me a face I never had seen. His face was full of anger and sadness.” You right Benny she is lying. They are for sure got attacked.” Spencer said. It was the first time I really want to kill Spencer. Now Benny just looked really confused. He wanted to believe me but he knew Spencer was right.” Benny try to eat your lunch.” I said and tried to smile.” I am not hungry.” He just said. After an hour we finally found a place far away from the zombies. It was the ice cream shop, Jen and Berry. Benny`s dad worked there before the zombie- attack. I was really surprised how fast people had run away.” Where is the key?” I asked Benny but he finally fall asleep. Spencer took his bag and found the key and I took Benny with me. We lay Benny down on a sofa in one of the meeting-room.” We have to find some food.” Spencer said.” There is more important stuff than food.” I snapped. Spencer just looked at me and walked out of the room without saying a word. I saw at Benny he slept peaceful like there weren’t any zombies. I didn’t sleep at all that night it was like there was someone in the office. 

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