Zombie attack

The story is about a group of people, Aria, Spencer and Benny.
They live in England, Cambrigde.


3. problem in hell

The next morning Benny still slept and I didn’t want him to wake up. So I walked out from the room.” Spencer I am going to find some food. Be there for Benny.” I said and hugged Spencer.” I am sorry… But you aren`t going.” Spencer said.” What? I have to… we need water and some food.” I said confused. Why wouldn’t she let me find food?” You can`t risk your life because of me.” She said.” I have to… I don’t want to die just because we didn’t have food or water. Do you want to die like that?” I said and walked out of the door.” You are not going to do that.” Spencer said.” I think I am.” I said without turning back.

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