Our Moments <3

All The Shit Thats Happen To Us Made Us Who We Are & This Is How We Turned Out. #Idiots


67. Shelley's Chicken Joke 🐔

Okay so one day this guy walks in to a chicken store. He asked for a Brazilian chicken. They give him the chicken. To check if it's Brazilian he puts one finger up the chickens butt hole. He says'No this chicken is American' the lady goes back and come out with another chicken and gives it to him. He checks again and says 'No this chicken is Russian' and the lady goes to get one more chicken and hands it to him. He checks it and says ' Yea this chicken is Brazilian. Can I ask you something'. She nods yes. He's asks her ' Where are you from' She turns around and pulls down her pants and says' Why don't you tell me' ~The End. Idk I that made sense but figure it out. 

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