billie jeans

Micheal Jackson , also know as 'THE KING OF POP' made a song billie jeans which was a giant success . But nobody knew the story behind it . Why did he composed this song ? Was there any girl known as billie jeans . The answer is YES .



          She called me and the all I could understand was that she wanted to say me thank you but couldn't able too . But after sometime she thanked me and ended the call . After that I remembered the smile on Billie's face the previous day when I gifted her the phone . I smiled when I remember the smile on her face . 

          I went to the recording studio to ask them about Billie's progress . They answered that I have given them the nightingale of America . She was the best singer that I have seen in my whole life excluding you M.J . No one can forget you . I said that yes they can . Billie can make them as she is a better singer than me . I was so happy and I left the studio . 

           I knew that someday she would become a popular star . After that I came back home . I always became very excited when I thought about Billie . the thought that came into my mind was that ," Am I in love with her ?" I became more excited . I could fell my heart pumping so hard that I thought that it would come out .  I told myself ,"Oh no I think that I am in love with Billie ."

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