billie jeans

Micheal Jackson , also know as 'THE KING OF POP' made a song billie jeans which was a giant success . But nobody knew the story behind it . Why did he composed this song ? Was there any girl known as billie jeans . The answer is YES .



          Billie called me and asked ,"Sir , have you got any job for me ." She had so polite voice that I couldn't know what was going on . She again asked for the job . I was disappointed because I didn't find even a single job for her . I really thought that she could work with me . But I didn't know what to say . I said her ,"Please , tell your name again girl ."

          She replied ,"It's Billie , sir . Billie Jeans." I said her ,"Yes Billie , I have found a job for you . I am giving a job in which you are to prove that you are worthy of something." She said ,"I would do any job for you . Please tell what the job is?" I replied ," All in good time Billie , All in good time."

          I said her that after 3 days you will have an amazing job and I will give a lot of money just for working for 1 hour per day." Then she said in a sad voice ," You haven't found even a single job for me . Have you ?" I wanted to say no but somehow said yes . Then again she replied, "I knew that you will find a job for me . Thank you for giving me a new life . I lost all my hopes and started to think that I am useless . Thank you for the job , sir." this conversation made me fell really sad as I was telling her a lie about her job . I replied ,"I told you all in good time . Just keep patience and after 3 days you will get a new job . Bye " and I ended the phone call .

          So that gave me 3 days to find a job that pays high salary . I went to the recording studio and asked them to give a job to Billie . They asked me that was her voice beautiful and I replied that it was brilliant . Then I went to a dance studio and also asked them to give her a job that could give her a good salary . They asked me that did she knew how to dance . I replied ,"I am know as THE KING OF POP and I am recommending a girl that can dance well . Do you think that I am lying?"They replied ,"No sir , I just wanted to confirm because the students we teach are the best dancers from all over the world ." I told the both studios that she will come  after 3 days to give an audition that will make you realize that I am not telling lies . 

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